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Meaning of BAYONET

BAYONET means: Bayonet is slang for the penis.

Meaning of DIVVY

DIVVY means: Divvy is British slang for odd, stupid, deviant, weak or pathetic.

Meaning of alcopop

alcopop means: Noun. Sweet, ready-mixed fruit drinks containing alcohol. Cf. 'tart fuel'. {Informal}

Meaning of pull your socks up

pull your socks up means: improve performance ‘Pull your bloody socks up.’

Meaning of fine

fine means: Very good looking.  "Dang that girl is fine." 

Meaning of a into g

a into g means: Getting started on a project; abbreviated for of 'arse into gear' used as "Lord look at the time, I have to get my a into g!".

Meaning of bundle

bundle means: Shouted just before 'bundling' someone, generally a younger boy, A bundle is when a group of boys leap on and force to the ground another boy, usually younger. Generally involves at least three people, often leading to more and more people joining, leaping on until a large pile of boys is formed. It is, of course, very painful (hopefully) for whoever is it at the bottom of the bundle. Generally carries on until everone scarpers when the dinner lady or a teacher came around the corner.

Meaning of herb

herb means: Marijuana.

Meaning of two-way Johnny

two-way Johnny means: Bisexual.

Meaning of Hot top

Hot top means: Hot chocolate

Meaning of CREW


Meaning of Airs and Graces

Airs and Graces means: Braces. He's got his new airs on.

Meaning of PONY

PONY means: crack

Meaning of JOKER

JOKER means: In dependent or locomotive brake, part of E-T (engine-train) equipment

Meaning of dinero

dinero means: Money. That dimwit thinks the Gettysburg Address is where Robert E. Lee lived.

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