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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BIG BOPPER

BIG BOPPER means: Big bopper is London Cockney rhyming slang for a policeman (copper).

Meaning of BILLY THE KID

BILLY THE KID means: Billy the kid is London Cockney rhyming slang for a Jew (yid).

Meaning of SPRUCER

SPRUCER means: Sprucer is slang for a person who tells tall stories; a trickster.

Meaning of SWITCH OFF

SWITCH OFF means: Switch off is British slang for to ignore.

Meaning of TAFFIA

TAFFIA means: Taffia is British slang for a group of Welshmen.

Meaning of buzz

buzz means: Noun. 1. A telephone call. E.g. "I'll give you a buzz with the details in the morning." 2. A thrill. E.g. "She gets a buzz from being provocative and causing arguments."

Meaning of drop

drop means: To take drugs. Are you going to drop that pill or not?

Meaning of make a pass

make a pass means: To flirt with, try to seduce. He made a pass at me but I wasn't interested.

Meaning of screenager

screenager means: n. a person in their teens or twenties who is good with computers or the internet. 

Meaning of concessions

concessions means: n discounts you might get on things if you’ve been there before, are a student, are over sixty or such like. Brits do not use the U.S. definition (snacks you buy during a film or sporting event). Often abbreviated “concs,” to confuse American tourists attending crappy mainstream musicals in the West End.

Meaning of return ticket

return ticket means: adj round-trip ticket. As you probably know, it just means that you’re planning on coming home again.

Meaning of plumber's plumbing

plumber's plumbing means: The male genitals.

Meaning of TASTE

TASTE means: small sample of drugs

Meaning of TOOLS

TOOLS means: equipment used for injecting drugs

Meaning of JERK-BY

JERK-BY means: See flying switch

Meaning of pecker

pecker means: The male organ. I'll catch you later. I'm about to pearl.

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