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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of PAN

PAN means: Pan is British slang for the face or head. Pan is American slang for to turn out.

Meaning of SCABBARD

SCABBARD means: Scabbard is British slang for the vagina.


WALLACE AND GROMIT means: Wallace and Gromit is Cockney rhyming slang for vomit.

Meaning of flame

flame means: Verb. To verbally attack someone via an e-mail.

Meaning of inside

inside means: Adj. In prison. E.g."I'm a bit out of touch, having being inside for the last two years"

Meaning of Oliver (Twist)

Oliver (Twist) means: Noun. Fist. Rhyming slang. E.g."Put up your Olivers and let's sort this once and for all."Adj. Drunk. Rhyming slang for 'pissed'. See 'pissed'.

Meaning of skirt

skirt means: Noun. A woman or women. Cf. 'bit of skirt'. Derog.

Meaning of Right

Right means: - I'm feeling right knackered. That would mean you were feeling very tired.

Meaning of Fye

Fye means: F**k With Me.

Meaning of ESG

ESG means: Environmental, Social, Governance

Meaning of HHOS

HHOS means: Ha Ha, Only Serious

Meaning of bournville boulevard

bournville boulevard means: Anus, arse, bum etc, but always with homosexual connotations. Bourneville is the Birmingham village where the Cadbury's chocolate factory is. And it doesn't take a genius to work out that chocolate is the same colour as shit, hence the phrase. Thus, 'Going up Bourneville Boulevard." is to perform anal intercourse.

Meaning of duck's arse

duck's arse means: (1) a hairstyle in which the fringe and front of the hair is swept up in a wave reminiscent of a ducks tail. (2) a shared cigarette which had been smoked incorrectly by the sharer, leaving saliva at the end, hence making it wet, like a duck's arse.,

Meaning of Beating the Road

Beating the Road means: Traveling on a railroad train without paying, usually referring to a bum.

Meaning of To Shy

To Shy means: To throw a light substance, as a flat stone, or a shell, with a careless jerk. Also means to turn aside, or start, as a horse, to sheer. And means, to hang about.

Meaning of Front burner

Front burner means: Current crisis

Meaning of RINGER

RINGER means: good hit of crack

Meaning of Crow

Crow means:     A lookout.  A doctor.

Meaning of grifa

grifa means: Marijuana. He opened his wallet and I saw a thick bundle of greenbacks in it.

Meaning of smashed

smashed means: Drunk, intoxicated. Roy is good-looking and has a lot of smarts.

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