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Slang dictionary, find a slang word, phrase and meanings

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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of DIVVY UP

DIVVY UP means: Divvy up is British slang for to divide and share out.

Meaning of DUKE OF KENT

DUKE OF KENT means: Duke of Kent is London Cockney rhyming slang for bent. Duke of Kent is London Cockney rhyming slang for rent.

Meaning of GUY FAWKE

GUY FAWKE means: Guy Fawke is London Cockney rhyming slang for walk.

Meaning of HACKER

HACKER means: Originally, a hacker was someone who made furniture with an axe.In computing slang, a hacker is a person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systemsand how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimumnecessary. Also, one who programs enthusiastically (even obsessively) or who enjoys programmingrather than just theorizing about programming.

Meaning of LOOP−LEGGED

LOOP−LEGGED means: Loop−legged is British slang for intoxicated.

Meaning of NICE ONE, CYRIL

NICE ONE, CYRIL means: Nice one, Cyril is London Cockney rhyming slang for squirrel.

Meaning of TAKE

TAKE means: Take is slang for to cheat, deceive, or victimise.Take is slang for an inhalation from a cannabis cigarette or pipe.

Meaning of Acting the fool

Acting the fool means: Much like "Acting the Maggot". Someone who is acting foolishly and causing problems or annoying others. Heard more often in urban environs.

Meaning of Leg it

Leg it means: This is a way of saying run or run for it. Usually said by kids having just been caught doing something naughty. Well it was when I was a kid!

Meaning of SM

SM means: Senior Moment

Meaning of Sorted

Sorted means: When you have fixed a problem and someone asks how it is going you might say "sorted". It's also popular these days to say "get it sorted" when you are telling someone to get on with the job.

Meaning of rocket

rocket means: n arugula.

Meaning of mota

mota means: Marijuana.

Meaning of what's up

what's up means: A greeting. Synonymous with "What's going on?", "How are you?", etc. Note: alternate pronunciations include "waddup", "whazzup" and "sup".

Meaning of Ginuls/jinels

Ginuls/jinels means: fixed up or conned by someone/something, or, used to describe something that is a con: ” dem phones 4 u deals are a jinels”. Also to “bump”.

Meaning of Carry a Torch

Carry a Torch means: To have a crush on someone.

Meaning of rack

rack means: a hair comb

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