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Meaning of DRIB

DRIB means: Drib is British slang for a woman.

Meaning of HONEYPOT

HONEYPOT means: Honeypot is slang for the vagina.

Meaning of UNGLUED

UNGLUED means: Unglued is slang for upset, helpless, out of control, unbalanced, in a state of nervous crisis.

Meaning of cosh

cosh means: Noun. A heavy stick or bar used as a weapon. {Informal}Verb. To hit over the head with a cosh (see noun). {Informal}

Meaning of dick breath

dick breath means: Noun. A contemptible or obnoxious person.

Meaning of sweet-pea

sweet-pea means: Noun. A term of affection.

Meaning of Rgr

Rgr means: Imitative of styles or fashions from the recent past.

Meaning of KMFHA

KMFHA means: Kiss My Fat Hairy Ass

Meaning of qix

qix means: it means quick

Meaning of gwap

gwap means: n. a wad of money or cash. (see also "guap" or "gwalla")  "Tikki just got paid a gwap for picking up the trash in Mrs. Johnson's yard."  Lyrical reference: T-PAIN/FLO-RIDER  Shawty did that pop and lock; had to break her off that guap. 

Meaning of autumn

autumn means: n season between summer and winter. Americans call it “fall.” Americans, of course, also call it “autumn” which might have you wondering why it’s in here at all. Well, my furry friend, it is in here because Brits never call it “fall.” Think of this entry not so much as “autumn,” but more as “not fall.”

Meaning of scrap

scrap means: n, v, adj junk. While Americans have junkyards and put junk on junk-heaps, Brits have scrapyards and scrap-heaps, upon which they put scrap.

Meaning of fleadum

fleadum means: An elderly male homosexual.

Meaning of Hope

Hope means: Oatmeal

Meaning of The Man

The Man means: The stupied cops

Meaning of SOAK

SOAK means: Saturated locomotive

Meaning of Blown up

Blown up means: (blone up)  v., To get paged excessively  “Ten people have paged her in five minutes; she is getting blown up.”  Also:  (when pager is going off), “Hey, you’re blowin’ up!” [Etym., African American]

Meaning of Nubbiken

Nubbiken means:     A sessions courthouse

Meaning of take a gander

take a gander means: Look at, examine. He was taken for all his money at the casino.

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