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Meaning of COCK−TEASE

COCK−TEASE means: Cock−tease is slang for a sexually alluring woman, especially one who flirts but doesn't copulate.

Meaning of D.O.M.

D.O.M. means: D.O.M. (dirty old man) is British slang for a lecherous man.


OVER−RIPE FRUIT means: Over−ripe fruit is British slang for an elderly homosexual.

Meaning of ROPE−A−DOPE

ROPE−A−DOPE means: Rope−a−dope is boxing slang for a tactic whereby a boxer rests against the ropes shielding himself with his arms and goading his opponent to throw tiring and ineffective punches at him.


SHOW ONE'S STUDS means: Show one's studs is slang for to be ruthless, brutal.


SIX MONTHS HARD means: Six months hard was old London Cockney rhyming slang for a bingo card.

Meaning of SLUM

SLUM means: Slum was old slang for a room.Slum is American criminals' slang for cheap or immitation jewellery.

Meaning of have a weed on

have a weed on means: Vrb phrs. Be annoyed, angry. [Merseyside use]

Meaning of Ratchet

Ratchet means: An unaccepted invitation that will be taken up at a later date.

Meaning of U-L

U-L means: You Will

Meaning of plug

plug means: A worn-out horse. I would be ashamed to put a plug like yours in a horse show.

Meaning of B.F.E.

B.F.E. means: Acronym for "Butt-Fuck Egypt". Used to denote a location considered to be at a great distance. Foe example, "The parking lot was full, so my car is all the way out in B.F.E." Used and understood extensively.

Meaning of ditch

ditch means: Be absent from school without permission.

Meaning of muff-dive

muff-dive means: To perform cunnilingus.

Meaning of HORSE HEADS

HORSE HEADS means: amphetamine

Meaning of CHRONIC

CHRONIC means: marijuana mixed with crack

Meaning of Buor

Buor means:   A woman

Meaning of ape

ape means: To imitate. I really need some antifreeze in me on cold days like this.

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