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Meaning of HORMONE FIX

HORMONE FIX means: Hormone fix is American slang for sexual activity.

Meaning of I SUPPOSE

I SUPPOSE means: I suppose is London Cockney rhyming slang for nose.

Meaning of OLD BAG

OLD BAG means: Old bag is slang for an elderly woman.Old bag is London Cockney rhyming slang for an old or infected prostitute (hag).

Meaning of STRONZER

STRONZER means: Stronzer is slang for an unpleasant person.

Meaning of dipso

dipso means: Noun. A drunk, an alcoholic. Abb. of dipsomaniac. Derog. [1940s] {Informal}

Meaning of gash

gash means: Noun. 1. The vagina. 2. Women viewed as sexual objects. Offens/derog. 3. Nonsense. E.g."Don't talk gash, it's all lies." 4. Rubbish, useless things. 5. Something going spare, extra, in excess of requirements. E.g. "If that's all gash, then I'll have a second helping, I'm starving." [Mainly Armed Forces use]

Meaning of man boobs

man boobs means: Noun. Male breasts. Cf. 'moobs', 'man tits'.

Meaning of skivvy

skivvy means: Noun. A servant for menial tasks. Derog. {Informal}

Meaning of clear as mud

clear as mud means: confusing ‘This is as clear as mud to me.’

Meaning of SYK

SYK means: So You Know

Meaning of brodown

brodown means: A boy's night out together. Lenny isn't at home; he went to the putt-putt golf course for a brodown with his buddies.

Meaning of dimwit

dimwit means: A stupid or foolish person. That dimwit thinks the Gettysburg Address is where Robert E. Lee lived.

Meaning of Sorted

Sorted means: When you have fixed a problem and someone asks how it is going you might say "sorted". It's also popular these days to say "get it sorted" when you are telling someone to get on with the job.

Meaning of schmee

schmee means: It refers to a "slow" person, like somone does something stupid you say "you are a schmee" i dunno i think i made it up but it needs to be in here, this needs to become a reconigized slang term because my girlfriends nickname her parents gave her is schmee and i want to prove to her thats her parents way of calling her retarded. thanx" (ed: added verbatim)

Meaning of zosted

zosted means: Intoxicated; "I was zosted last night."

Meaning of the boonies

the boonies means: Way out in the country. Greta married some yahoo from the boondocks.

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