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Meaning of BAG OF TRIPE

BAG OF TRIPE means: Bag of tripe is slang for an unpleasant person.

Meaning of CREMATED

CREMATED means: Cremated is British slang for ruined, destroyed, defeated.

Meaning of preggars

preggars means: Adj. Pregnant. A corruption of the word pregnant.

Meaning of gas

gas means: (1) lighter than air substance expelled from anus (2)Something that is fun or cool. E.g.: Going to the movies is a gas.

Meaning of urk

urk means: to annoy

Meaning of Clapped Out

Clapped Out means: Courage, gall, bravery

Meaning of UDM

UDM means: You're the Man

Meaning of woody

woody means: A wood sided station wagon. They stopped making woodies because the wood rotted.

Meaning of dullion, dul-yon

dullion, dul-yon means: Used as an exclamation upon executing a particularly violent and/or effective and/or demonstrative act on another,mostly unsuspecting person or upon seeing such an act perpetrated on a third party. For example; third year,dinner hall, St.Ninians' High School Giffnock. Stephen Brown (or 'Broono') scones Kenneth Baird (or 'Buffer') with a lunch tray full square on the back producing a dull sound usually associated with slapping the side of an empty oil drum. As Buffer collapsed into a heap amongst the slops Broono roared, "That was a fuckin' dullion!" and was answered with cries from the attendant muckers of "Fuckin' dullion man!" (ed: many thanks to Chris Diamond for this and other contributions.)

Meaning of anal jabber

anal jabber means: Homosexual man (used in gay bashing)

Meaning of old one

old one means: An elderly male homosexual.

Meaning of Are You Decent?

Are You Decent? means: Are you fully dressed?

Meaning of Stogies -

Stogies - means: Cheap, secondhand boots.

Meaning of How’s Your Poor Feet

How’s Your Poor Feet means:  An idiotic street cry with no meaning, much in vogue a few years back.


GIRLFRIEND means: cocaine

Meaning of JOHNSON

JOHNSON means: crack

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