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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of HALF−MAST

HALF−MAST means: Half−mast is British slang for a semi−erect penis.


LIGHT AND BITTER means: Light and bitter is London Cockney rhyming slang for the anus (shitter).

Meaning of NERF

NERF means: Nerf is slang for to bump another vehicle slightly with one's own vehicle.

Meaning of Yankee

Yankee means: slang term for americans, or baseball team for new york. like canuck for Canadians

Meaning of neck

neck means: to suck dick

Meaning of Job's a Good'Un

Job's a Good'Un means: A piece of excrement

Meaning of Dear

Dear means: - If something is dear it means it is expensive. I thought Texan insurance was dear.

Meaning of HOYEW

HOYEW means: Hanging On Your Every Word

Meaning of RNY

RNY means: it means rainy

Meaning of square

square means: Old-fashioned, not cool. My father looks square in his jacket.

Meaning of brick

brick means: n dependable person; rock. Someone who will stand tall in the face of adversity. A largely upper-class term, it is hardly in use nowadays.

Meaning of dutch (to go ...)

dutch (to go ...) means: A situation in which both partners pay a share of costs on a date.

Meaning of cocksman

cocksman means: A man regarded as being a good sex partner, that can keep a erection for a long time.

Meaning of LEMON

LEMON means: poor quality drugs

Meaning of ROAPIES

ROAPIES means: Rohypnol

Meaning of gear

gear means: equipment, clothes

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