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Meaning of SWOT

SWOT means: Swot is slang for work or study at school. Swot is slang for a person who studies hard.Swot is slang for study a subject hard or hurriedly.

Meaning of ponced up

ponced up means: Adj. Dressed up, overdressed.

Meaning of bung

bung means: put, place ;’I might bung that pie in the oven’

Meaning of Grass

Grass means: Thousand pounds

Meaning of gay lib

gay lib means: The movement that advocates the protection and rights of homosexual persons.

Meaning of paddies

paddies means: Ass.

Meaning of plank

plank means: Aanal intercourse, the penis or some other object, is inserted into the anus for intercourse. [I know he has a lover, all I wanna do is plank him.].

Meaning of Hounds on an island

Hounds on an island means: Franks and beans

Meaning of hottie

hottie means: noun. someone, man or woman, who is very, very attractive (i.e., Natalie Portman is such a hottie!)

Meaning of Say-bra

Say-bra means: means, what's up/what's going on

Meaning of FIX

FIX means: injecting drugs

Meaning of DO A JOINT

DO A JOINT means: to smoke marijuana

Meaning of TAR

TAR means: morphine

Meaning of WHITE JUNK

WHITE JUNK means: heroin

Meaning of FIELD

FIELD means: Classification yard

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