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Meaning of Cacographic

Cacographic means: Pertaining to, or characterized by, cacography; badly written or spelled.

Meaning of Cacography

Cacography means: Incorrect or bad writing or spelling.

Meaning of Cacolet

Cacolet means: A chair, litter, or other contrivance fitted to the back or pack saddle of a mule for carrying travelers in mountainous districts, or for the transportation of the sick and wounded of an army.

Meaning of Cacology

Cacology means: Bad speaking; bad choice or use of words.

Meaning of Cacomixle

Cacomixle means: Alt. of Cacomixl

Meaning of Cacomixtle

Cacomixtle means: Alt. of Cacomixl

Meaning of Cacomixl

Cacomixl means: A North American carnivore (Bassaris astuta), about the size of a cat, related to the raccoons. It inhabits Mexico, Texas, and California.

Meaning of Cacoon

Cacoon means: One of the seeds or large beans of a tropical vine (Entada scandens) used for making purses, scent bottles, etc.

Meaning of Cacophonic

Cacophonic means: Alt. of Cacophonious

Meaning of Cacophonical

Cacophonical means: Alt. of Cacophonious

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zooecium

Zooecium means: One of the cells or tubes which inclose the feeling zooids of Bryozoa. See Illust. of Sea Moss.

Meaning of Zooecia

Zooecia means: of Zooecium

Meaning of Zoodendrium

Zoodendrium means: The branched, and often treelike, support of the colonies of certain Infusoria.

Meaning of Zoodendria

Zoodendria means: of Zoodendrium

Meaning of Zoocytium

Zoocytium means: The common support, often branched, of certain species of social Infusoria.

Meaning of Zoocytia

Zoocytia means: of Zoocytium

Meaning of Zoocyst

Zoocyst means: A cyst formed by certain Protozoa and unicellular plants which the contents divide into a large number of granules, each of which becomes a germ.

Meaning of Zoochlorella

Zoochlorella means: One of the small green granulelike bodies found in the interior of certain stentors, hydras, and other invertebrates.

Meaning of Zoochemy

Zoochemy means: Animal chemistry; zoochemistry.

Meaning of Zoochemistry

Zoochemistry means: Animal chemistry; particularly, the description of the chemical compounds entering into the composition of the animal body, in distinction from biochemistry.

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