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Meaning of Dandyish

Dandyish means: Like a dandy.

Meaning of Dandyism

Dandyism means: The manners and dress of a dandy; foppishness.

Meaning of Dandyise

Dandyise means: To make, or to act, like a dandy; to dandify.

Meaning of Dandyling

Dandyling means: A little or insignificant dandy; a contemptible fop.

Meaning of Dane

Dane means: A native, or a naturalized inhabitant, of Denmark.

Meaning of Danegeld

Danegeld means: Alt. of Danegelt

Meaning of Danegelt

Danegelt means: An annual tax formerly laid on the English nation to buy off the ravages of Danish invaders, or to maintain forces to oppose them. It afterward became a permanent tax, raised by an assessment, at first of one shilling, afterward of two shillings, upon every hide of land throughout the realm.

Meaning of Danewort

Danewort means: A fetid European species of elder (Sambucus Ebulus); dwarf elder; wallwort; elderwort; -- called also Daneweed, Dane's weed, and Dane's-blood. [Said to grow on spots where battles were fought against the Danes.]

Meaning of Dang

Dang means: imp. of Ding.

Meaning of Dang

Dang means: To dash.

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Meaning of Zealous

Zealous means: Filled with religious zeal.

Meaning of Zealous

Zealous means: Filled with, or characterized by, zeal; warmly engaged, or ardent, in behalf of an object.

Meaning of Zealotry

Zealotry means: The character and behavior of a zealot; excess of zeal; fanatical devotion to a cause.

Meaning of Zealotist

Zealotist means: A zealot.

Meaning of Zealotism

Zealotism means: The character or conduct of a zealot; zealotry.

Meaning of Zealotical

Zealotical means: Like, or suitable to, a zealot; ardently zealous.

Meaning of Zealot

Zealot means: One who is zealous; one who engages warmly in any cause, and pursues his object with earnestness and ardor; especially, one who is overzealous, or carried away by his zeal; one absorbed in devotion to anything; an enthusiast; a fanatical partisan.

Meaning of Zealless

Zealless means: Wanting zeal.

Meaning of Zealful

Zealful means: Full of zeal.

Meaning of Zealed

Zealed means: Full of zeal; characterized by zeal.

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