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Meaning of Ulcerous

Ulcerous means: Having the nature or character of an ulcer; discharging purulent or other matter.

Meaning of Ulcerous

Ulcerous means: Affected with an ulcer or ulcers; ulcerated.

Meaning of Ulcuscle

Ulcuscle means: Alt. of Ulcuscule

Meaning of Ulcuscule

Ulcuscule means: A little ulcer.

Meaning of Ule

Ule means: A Mexican and Central American tree (Castilloa elastica and C. Markhamiana) related to the breadfruit tree. Its milky juice contains caoutchouc. Called also ule tree.

Meaning of Ulema

Ulema means: A college or corporation in Turkey composed of the hierarchy, namely, the imams, or ministers of religion, the muftis, or doctors of law, and the cadis, or administrators of justice.

Meaning of Ulexite

Ulexite means: A mineral occurring in white rounded crystalline masses. It is a hydrous borate of lime and soda.

Meaning of Uliginose

Uliginose means: Alt. of Uliginous

Meaning of Uliginous

Uliginous means: Muddy; oozy; slimy; also, growing in muddy places.

Meaning of Ullage

Ullage means: The amount which a vessel, as a cask, of liquor lacks of being full; wantage; deficiency.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zufolo

Zufolo means: A little flute or flageolet, especially that which is used to teach birds.

Meaning of Zuchetto

Zuchetto means: A skullcap covering the tonsure, worn under the berretta. The pope's is white; a cardinal's red; a bishop's purple; a priest's black.

Meaning of Zuche

Zuche means: A stump of a tree.

Meaning of Zubr

Zubr means: The aurochs.

Meaning of Zoutch

Zoutch means: To stew, as flounders, eels, etc., with just enough or liquid to cover them.

Meaning of Zounds

Zounds means: An exclamation formerly used as an oath, and an expression of anger or wonder.

Meaning of Zouave

Zouave means: Hence, one of a body of soldiers who adopt the dress and drill of the Zouaves, as was done by a number of volunteer regiments in the army of the United States in the Civil War, 1861-65.

Meaning of Zouave

Zouave means: One of an active and hardy body of soldiers in the French service, originally Arabs, but now composed of Frenchmen who wear the Arab dress.

Meaning of Zosterops

Zosterops means: A genus of birds that comprises the white-eyes. See White-eye.

Meaning of Zostera

Zostera means: A genus of plants of the Naiadaceae, or Pondweed family. Zostera marina is commonly known as sea wrack, and eelgrass.

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