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Definition of Paddy

Paddy n. means: Unhusked rice; -- commonly so called in the East Indies.

What is the meaning/definition of Paddy ?

Paddy n. means: Unhusked rice; -- commonly so called in the East Indies.

Meaning of Paddy

Paddy (n.) means: Unhusked rice; -- commonly so called in the East Indies.

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Paddies (pl. ): of Paddy

Paddy (a.): Low; mean; boorish; vagabond.

Paddy (n.): A jocose or contemptuous name for an Irishman.

Paddy (n.): Unhusked rice; -- commonly so called in the East Indies.

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Words, slangs, sentences and phrases similar to Paddy

Meaning of PADDY

PADDY means: Paddy is slang for a rage or an upset. Paddy is slang for an Irish person.Paddy is British criminal slang for a padlock.

Meaning of Paddy

Paddy means: A temper tantrum.“Don’t throw a paddy about your team losing.”

Meaning of paddy

paddy means: Noun. A rage, a tantrum or an upset. E.g "O.K., calm down, don't get in a paddy." {Informal}

Meaning of paddy wagon

paddy wagon means: A police car or van used to round up offenders. The Irish have a fearful reputation for being hellraisers when drunk, As such, they were often the target of the police when rounding up suspected trouble makers. So much so that people began to associate the vans the police rounded up irish revellers in with the generic 'slang' name for an Irish person - Paddy (from Patrick), hence paddy wagon.


PADDY'S EYEWATER means: Paddy's eyewater is Irish slang for illicitly distilled whisky, poteen.


PADDY O'ROURKE means: Paddy O'Rourke is London Cockney rhyming slang for talk.


PADDY RAMMER means: Paddy Rammer is London Cockney rhyming slang for hammer.


PADDY AND MICK means: Paddy and Mick is London Cockney rhyming slang for a pickaxe.Paddy and Mick is London Cockney rhyming slang for obtuse, stupid (thick).

Meaning of Paddy

Paddy means: Anything

Meaning of paddy

paddy means: Benny/eppy.

Meaning of Paddy's Purchase

Paddy's Purchase means: Seaman's scornful name for any lead of a rope by which effort is lost or wasted.

Meaning of TEA CADDY

TEA CADDY means: Tea caddy is London Cockney rhyming slang for an Irishman (paddy).

Meaning of plastic Paddy

plastic Paddy means: Noun. A person or thing that claims to be Irish or of Irish descent. Derog.

Meaning of Paddy

Paddy means: Noun. An Irish person. Derived from the popular and pet-form of the Irish name Padraig (Patrick). Often used offensively. {Informal}

Meaning of Tea Caddy

Tea Caddy means: Paddy. Did you know Kevin is a tea caddy?

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Meaning of GOOFY

GOOFY means: Goofy is slang for stupid, fatuous, inane. Goofy is slang for having protuding teeth.

Meaning of SHAG ONE'S HAND

SHAG ONE'S HAND means: Shag one's hand is British slang for masturbate.

Meaning of nang

nang means: Adj. Excellent, great. [London use]

Meaning of PNATTMBTC

PNATTMBTC means: Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Meaning of pez, pezzy

pez, pezzy means: Toughly analogous to crap, rubbish etc. eg "Your BMX is Pezzy". The word derives form 'peasant', so someone who owned something 'pezzy'was naturally a PEZ.

Meaning of camp it up

camp it up means: To overact in an affected manner.

Meaning of Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce means: Voice

Meaning of Selina Scott

Selina Scott means: Spot


CHICKEN SCRATCH means: searching on hands and knees for crack

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