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Definition of Baal

Baal n. means: The supreme male divinity of the Phoenician and Canaanitish nations.

What is the meaning/definition of Baal ?

Baal n. means: The supreme male divinity of the Phoenician and Canaanitish nations.

Meaning of Baal

Baal (n.) means: The supreme male divinity of the Phoenician and Canaanitish nations.

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Baal (n.): The whole class of divinities to whom the name Baal was applied.

Bel (n.): The Babylonian name of the god known among the Hebrews as Baal. See Baal.

Baalim (pl. ): of Baal

Baalism (n.): Worship of Baal; idolatry.

Baal (n.): The supreme male divinity of the Phoenician and Canaanitish nations.

Baalite (n.): A worshiper of Baal; a devotee of any false religion; an idolater.

Beelzebub (n.): The title of a heathen deity to whom the Jews ascribed the sovereignty of the evil spirits; hence, the Devil or a devil. See Baal.

Ashtoreth (n.): The principal female divinity of the Phoenicians, as Baal was the principal male divinity.

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