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Definition of Yank

Yank v. t. means: To twitch; to jerk.

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Yank v. t. means: To twitch; to jerk.

Meaning of Yank

Yank (v. t.) means: To twitch; to jerk.

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Yanked (imp. & p. p.): of Yank

Yanking (p. pr. & vb. n.): of Yank

Yank (n.): A jerk or twitch.

Yank (v. t.): To twitch; to jerk.

Yank (n.): An abbreviation of Yankee.

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Meaning of YANK

YANK means: Yank is slang for an act of masturbation. Yank is British slang for an American.

Meaning of yank

yank means: Noun. An act of masturbation. Male usage. E.g."Oh God! I just walked in on Martin having a yank." Verb. To masturbate. E.g."He looks like he's been up all night yanking."

Meaning of Yank

Yank means: n, adj American. To a Brit, a Yank is anyone of American descent. It’s not altogether complimentary and conjures up an image of Stetsons, oil wells, Cadillacs and overweight children. The word comes from “Yankee” - after receiving and trying to synopsize nearly a million different explanations for where that word came from, I realised that I was drifting wildly off topic and so I’ve scrubbed them all. Go and look it up elsewhere. yank tank American car. A description one might regard as unfair to the humble tank.

Meaning of YANK OFF

YANK OFF means: Yank off is slang for to masturbate.

Meaning of Yank My Chain

Yank My Chain means: To mislead someone. To waste their time. To be dishonest. "Dont yank my chain buddy."


YANK SOMEONE'S CRANK means: Yank someone's crank is American slang for to mock, to mislead, to irritate.


YANK SOMEONE'S CHAIN means: Yank someone's chain is American slang for to mislead, to deceive, to irritate.


WOOLLOOMOOLOO YANK means: Woolloomooloo yank is Australian slang for an Australian who imitates American manners or speech.

Meaning of yank

yank means: heroin

Meaning of Septic Tank

Septic Tank means: Yank

Meaning of Sherman Tank

Sherman Tank means: Yank

Meaning of Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank means: Yank


PULL THE CALF'S TAIL means: Yank the whistle cord

Meaning of Yank

Yank means: A derogatory term for a citizen of the United States of America.

Meaning of seppo

seppo means: A citizen of the Good ol' US of A: Is abbreviated rhyming slang; septic tank = yank.

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ACT THE MOHAWK means: Act the mohawk is Irish slang for to misbehave.

Meaning of OLD FELLOW

OLD FELLOW means: Old fellow is slang for the penis.

Meaning of TONGUE BATH

TONGUE BATH means: Tongue bath is British slang for an all−over licking.

Meaning of JP

JP means: Just Playing

Meaning of Funky

Funky means: cool

Meaning of Tard

Tard means: idiot. (abbreviation of retard) Used jokingly when a friend has said or done something stupid. ie, "I wrecked into a parked car the other day." "You're such a tard."

Meaning of Sherbet Dab

Sherbet Dab means: Cab (Taxi)

Meaning of Above-Board

Above-Board means: In open sight, without artifice, or trick.

Meaning of LUDING OUT

LUDING OUT means: depressant

Meaning of Mo

Mo means: Momentum, especially in a political campaign, favorable reaction. He was using one of her handkerchief's as a mirror warmer.

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