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Definition of Yankee-Doodle

Yankee-Doodle n. means: Humorously, a Yankee.

What is the meaning/definition of Yankee-Doodle ?

Yankee-Doodle n. means: Humorously, a Yankee.

Meaning of Yankee-Doodle

Yankee-Doodle (n.) means: Humorously, a Yankee.

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Yankee-Doodle (n.): Humorously, a Yankee.

Yankee-Doodle (n.): The name of a tune adopted popularly as one of the national airs of the United States.

Yankee (a.): Of or pertaining to a Yankee; characteristic of the Yankees.

Doodle (n.): A trifler; a simple fellow.

Fop-doodle (n.): A stupid or insignificant fellow; a fool; a simpleton.

Yank (n.): An abbreviation of Yankee.

Yankeeism (n.): A Yankee idiom, word, custom, or the like.

Notion (): An invention; an ingenious device; a knickknack; as, Yankee notions.

Yankee (n.): A nickname for a native or citizen of New England, especially one descended from old New England stock; by extension, an inhabitant of the Northern States as distinguished from a Southerner; also, applied sometimes by foreigners to any inhabitant of the United States.

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Words, slangs, sentences and phrases similar to Yankee-Doodle

Meaning of DOODLE

DOODLE means: Doodle is slang for the penis. Doodle is slang for nonsense.

Meaning of doodle

doodle means: penis ‘Stop playing with your doodle

Meaning of Yankee

Yankee means: referring to Americans, a British term. yank as in to pull, a yanker was a masterbater, the "yankee" was the prick itself.

Meaning of Yankee

Yankee means: Someone from the North.

Meaning of tango yankee

tango yankee means: Thank you; "Tango yankee, man!"

Meaning of Blue Belly

Blue Belly means: A Yankee.

Meaning of Tarnal

Tarnal means: Yankee swear word.

Meaning of yanqui

yanqui means: American person. (from "Yankee"; used in Argentina)

Meaning of yanquilandia

yanquilandia means: U.S. the States; the U.S.: America. (from "Yankee"; used in Argentina)

Meaning of Yankee

Yankee means: slang term for americans, or baseball team for new york. like canuck for Canadians

Meaning of Yankee

Yankee means: slang term for americans, or baseball team for new york. like canuck for Canadians

Meaning of Yankee

Yankee means: (1) A fore:sail flying above and forward of the jib, usually seen on bowsprit vessels. (2) A foresail used on yachts similar to a genoa, but cut narrower, with its leech not overlapping the mainsail, and a higher clew.

Meaning of WIDOW

WIDOW means: Widow (shortened from widow Twankey) is London Cockney rhyming slang for an American(Yankee).


WIDOW TWANKEY means: Widow Twankey is London Cockney rhyming slang for an American (Yankee).

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Meaning of FROST

FROST means: Frost is slang for to snub or ignore; a snub or to be snubbedFrost is slang for to anger or irritate.Frost is slang for a failure.

Meaning of Rosie palm and her five sisters

Rosie palm and her five sisters means: Noun. The hand when employed for masturbation. Usually preceded by dating or spending time with. Also Rosy Palm and her five sisters. E.g."I've been single for 6 months now, so have spent some time with Rosie palm and her five sisters." Cf. 'madam palm and her five sisters/daughters'.

Meaning of kill

kill means: Waste (time). I killed two hours in a movie today.

Meaning of f.h.b.

f.h.b. means: Term used in Sandbach School, Cheshire, UK for "future head boy" - a real swotty, swot destined to be headmaster's favourite chum boy.

Meaning of bob

bob means: To shorten. Hey, man, I saw you cruising around in that old boat of your dad's

Meaning of take out

take out means: To kill. The capo ordered that the informer be taken for a ride.

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