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Definition of Cabal

Cabal n. means: Tradition; occult doctrine. See Cabala

What is the meaning/definition of Cabal ?

Cabal n. means: Tradition; occult doctrine. See Cabala

Meaning of Cabal

Cabal (n.) means: Tradition; occult doctrine. See Cabala

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Caballed (imp. & p. p.): of Cabal

Cabal (n.): A secret.

Caballing (p. pr. & vb. n.): of Cabal

Cabal (n.): Tradition; occult doctrine. See Cabala

Brigue (n.): A cabal, intrigue, faction, contention, strife, or quarrel.

Camarilla (n.): A company of secret and irresponsible advisers, as of a king; a cabal or clique.

Cabal (n.): The secret artifices or machinations of a few persons united in a close design; intrigue.

Cabal (v. i.): To unite in a small party to promote private views and interests by intrigue; to intrigue; to plot.

Cabal (n.): A number of persons united in some close design, usually to promote their private views and interests in church or state by intrigue; a secret association composed of a few designing persons; a junto.

Junto (n.): A secret council to deliberate on affairs of government or politics; a number of men combined for party intrigue; a faction; a cabal; as, a junto of ministers; a junto of politicians.

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Meaning of cabal

cabal means: strict; complete(ly), full(ly)

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