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Definition of ical

ical a. means: Relating to the patriarch Abraham.

What is the meaning/definition of ical ?

ical a. means: Relating to the patriarch Abraham.

Meaning of ical

ical (a.) means: Relating to the patriarch Abraham.

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-ical (a.): Alt. of ical

Abrahamitic (a.): Alt. of ical

Brahmanic (a.): Alt. of ical

Brahminic (a.): Alt. of ical

Stratigraphic (a.): Alt. of -ical

-ical (a.): See Stratographic.

Ical (a.): Relating to the patriarch Abraham.

Ical (a.): Of or pertaining to the Brahmans or to their doctrines and worship.

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Meaning of Radical

Radical means: really cool, i.e. "that was tooootally rad(ical)!"

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