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Definition of To compound a felony

To compound a felony means: See under Compound, v. t.

What is the meaning/definition of To compound a felony ?

To compound a felony means: See under Compound, v. t.

Meaning of To compound a felony

To compound a felony means: See under Compound, v. t.

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More meanings / definitions of To compound a felony or words, sentences containing To compound a felony?

To compound a felony (): See under Compound, v. t.

Decompound (v. t.): To compound or mix with that is already compound; to compound a second time.

Felonies (pl. ): of Felony

Compound (v. t.): To form or make by combining different elements, ingredients, or parts; as, to compound a medicine.

Basyle (n.): A positive or nonacid constituent of compound, either elementary, or, if compound, performing the functions of an element.

Misdemeanor (n.): A crime less than a felony.

Compound (v. t.): To settle amicably; to adjust by agreement; to compromise; to discharge from obligation upon terms different from those which were stipulated; as, to compound a debt.

Felon (a.): A person who has committed a felony.

Appellant (n.): One who accuses another of felony or treason.

Compound (n.): That which is compounded or formed by the union or mixture of elements ingredients, or parts; a combination of simples; a compound word; the result of composition.

Compound (n.): A union of two or more ingredients in definite proportions by weight, so combined as to form a distinct substance; as, water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen.

Felony (n.): An act on the part of the vassal which cost him his fee by forfeiture.

Appellor (n.): One who confesses a felony committed and accuses his accomplices.

Receiptment (n.): The receiving or harboring a felon knowingly, after the commission of a felony.

-ide (): A suffix used to denote: (a) The nonmetallic, or negative, element or radical in a binary compound; as, oxide, sulphide, chloride. (b) A compound which is an anhydride; as, glycolide, phthalide. (c) Any one of a series of derivatives; as, indogenide, glucoside, etc.

Aventure (n.): A mischance causing a person's death without felony, as by drowning, or falling into the fire.

Burglary (n.): Breaking and entering the dwelling house of another, in the nighttime, with intent to commit a felony therein, whether the felonious purpose be accomplished or not.

Felony (n.): An offense which occasions a total forfeiture either lands or goods, or both, at the common law, and to which capital or other punishment may be added, according to the degree of guilt.

Oxidize (v. t.): To subject to the action of oxygen or of an oxidizing agent, so as to bring to a higher grade, as an -ous compound to an -ic compound; as, to oxidize mercurous chloride to mercuric chloride.

Compound (v. t.): Composed of two or more elements, ingredients, parts; produced by the union of several ingredients, parts, or things; composite; as, a compound word.

Attaint (v. t.): To subject (a person) to the legal condition formerly resulting from a sentence of death or outlawry, pronounced in respect of treason or felony; to affect by attainder.

Wyvern (n.): Same as Wiver. X () X, the twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet, has three sounds; a compound nonvocal sound (that of ks), as in wax; a compound vocal sound (that of gz), as in example; and, at the beginning of a word, a simple vocal sound (that of z), as in xanthic. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 217, 270, 271.

Alloy (v. t.): Any combination or compound of metals fused together; a mixture of metals; for example, brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. But when mercury is one of the metals, the compound is called an amalgam.

Clergyable (a.): Entitled to, or admitting, the benefit of clergy; as, a clergyable felony.

Felony (n.): A heinous crime; especially, a crime punishable by death or imprisonment.

Arson (n.): The malicious burning of a dwelling house or outhouse of another man, which by the common law is felony; the malicious and voluntary firing of a building or ship.

Decomposition (n.): The act or process of resolving the constituent parts of a compound body or substance into its elementary parts; separation into constituent part; analysis; the decay or dissolution consequent on the removal or alteration of some of the ingredients of a compound; disintegration; as, the decomposition of wood, rocks, etc.

Felonious (a.): Having the quality of felony; malignant; malicious; villainous; traitorous; perfidious; in a legal sense, done with intent to commit a crime; as, felonious homicide.

Oxide (n.): A binary compound of oxygen with an atom or radical, or a compound which is regarded as binary; as, iron oxide, ethyl oxide, nitrogen oxide, etc.

Selenide (n.): A binary compound of selenium, or a compound regarded as binary; as, ethyl selenide.

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Magitek  means: (compound word) (n.) Magitek is a compound of the words of Magic and Technology. It encompasses any machinery that uses magic to function, or can manipulate magic.

Meaning of Felony juice

Felony juice means: Tequila.

Meaning of DOPE IT

DOPE IT means: Use compound in the water to keep it from boiling when working an engine hard

Meaning of Non-skid

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Meaning of compound disappearing hill

compound disappearing hill means: A hill where no matter how long you climb, you're never more than half the way up.

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Isolation Exercises: means: Unlike compound/functional movements, these targeted exercises hit just one muscle at a time. One quintessential bodybuilding favorite: the bicep curl.

Meaning of sodomy

sodomy means: Often defined in statutes and judicial decisions as "the crime against nature." In the common law the felony offense of sodomy was understood to include noncoital copulation by a man with a man, or with a woman or beast. However, by the 19th century the term was generally deemed to mean specifically male-homosexual acts. Until then it was punishable by death in England. Severe penalties, even including life imprisonment, are still prescribed, although rarely carried out, in some U. S. jurisdictions.

Meaning of Eve

Eve means: [variant of Adam , MDMA or ecstasy ] MDE, a mild hallucinogen derived from amphetamine. Adam and Eve is a compound of MDMA + MDE = MDEA (n-ethyl-MDA or 3, 4, methylene + dioxy-N-ethylamphetamine)

Meaning of Compound/Functional Movements:

Compound/Functional Movements: means: Also known as multi-joint or complex exercises, these movements work multiple muscles as a functional unit, promoting stability and maximum calorie burn. Some classics include squats, bench press, and pullups.

Meaning of Bull Dust

Bull Dust means: A fine orange coloured dust found in the outback. During rain it can make vehicle travel almost impossible as it mixes with the water forming a clay compound that compacts under your wheel arches to the point where your wheels can no longer rotate. 2. Poppycock! Nonsense! Absurd! e.g. "Surely you don't think I'm that stupid as to believe it's nothing but a whole lot of bull dust!"

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