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Definition of Hackle

Hackle v. t. means: To tear asunder; to break in pieces.

What is the meaning/definition of Hackle ?

Hackle v. t. means: To tear asunder; to break in pieces.

Meaning of Hackle

Hackle (v. t.) means: To tear asunder; to break in pieces.

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Hackle (v. t.): To separate, as the coarse part of flax or hemp from the fine, by drawing it through the teeth of a hackle or hatchel.

Hackling (p. pr. & vb. n.): of Hackle

Heckle (n. & v. t.): Same as Hackle.

Hackled (imp. & p. p.): of Hackle

Hackle (n.): Any flimsy substance unspun, as raw silk.

Hackle (n.): An artificial fly for angling, made of feathers.

Hackle (v. t.): To tear asunder; to break in pieces.

Hackle (n.): A comb for dressing flax, raw silk, etc.; a hatchel.

Hackle (n.): One of the peculiar, long, narrow feathers on the neck of fowls, most noticeable on the cock, -- often used in making artificial flies; hence, any feather so used.

Palmer (n.): Short for Palmer fly, an artificial fly made to imitate a hairy caterpillar; a hackle.

Hatchel (n.): An instrument with long iron teeth set in a board, for cleansing flax or hemp from the tow, hards, or coarse part; a kind of large comb; -- called also hackle and heckle.

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Meaning of HACKLE

HACKLE means: Hackle is Dorset slang for work.

Meaning of HACKLE

HACKLE means: to hassle, bother, worry, trouble. As a noun, hackling.

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BUG−A−LUG means: Bug−a−lug is Dorset slang for a scarecrow.Bug−a−lug is Dorset slang for a very untidy looking person.


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