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Definition of women

women pl. means: of Herdswoman

What is the meaning/definition of women ?

women pl. means: of Herdswoman

Meaning of women

women (pl.) means: of Herdswoman

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Gynephobia (n.): Hatred of women; repugnance to the society of women.

Oblate (a.): One of an association of priests or religious women who have offered themselves to the service of the church. There are three such associations of priests, and one of women, called oblates.

Stomacher (n.): An ornamental covering for the breast, worn originally both by men and women. Those worn by women were often richly decorated.

Sack (n.): Originally, a loosely hanging garment for women, worn like a cloak about the shoulders, and serving as a decorative appendage to the gown; now, an outer garment with sleeves, worn by women; as, a dressing sack.

-women (pl. ): of Bedeswoman

Women (n.): pl. of Woman.

Women (pl. ): of Woman

Women (pl. ): of Herdswoman

Masher (n.): A charmer of women.

Mulierosity (n.): A fondness for women.

Misogynous (a.): Hating women.

Misogyny (n.): Hatred of women.

Gynecian (a.): Of or relating to women.

Womanless (a.): Without a woman or women.

Manteau (n.): A gown worn by women.

Womanhood (n.): Women, collectively; womankind.

Cap (n.): One of lace, muslin, etc., for women, or infants

Dangler (n.): One who dangles about or after others, especially after women; a trifler.

Comedienne (n.): A women who plays in comedy.

Naileress (n.): A women who makes nailes.

Lothario (n.): A gay seducer of women; a libertine.

Gorget (n.): A ruff worn by women.

Chemise (n.): A shift, or undergarment, worn by women.

Philanderer (n.): One who hangs about women; a male flirt.

Domino (n.): A mourning veil formerly worn by women.

Henhussy (n.): A cotquean; a man who intermeddles with women's concerns.

Lozenge (n.): A form of the escutcheon used by women instead of the shield which is used by men.

Delaine (n.): A kind of fabric for women's dresses.

Jippo (n.): A waistcoat or kind of stays for women.

Bawd (v. i.): To procure women for lewd purposes.

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Words, slangs, sentences and phrases similar to women

Meaning of Mammy

Mammy means: Similar to Aunt Jemima. Stereotype of black women as nannies to white children, especially overweight black women - see "Gone With The Wind".

Meaning of forest ranger

forest ranger means: Lesbian. It's in reference to women's pubic hair (forest), and the women who like to patrol its range.

Meaning of Gronesha

Gronesha means: Black Women. Used at the Battle of Valley Forge to describe the Black women who prepared the cannons.

Meaning of Gyalis

Gyalis means: A guy who loves women/has many women

Meaning of fish

fish means: Noun. Women. Extremely derogatory expression for females, usually heard used by homosexual mysogynists. Alludes to an unsavoury vaginal smell. Possibly the most offensive expression for women?

Meaning of quim

quim means: n female genitalia. Rather antiquated. The person who asked about the word also asked me: “As bad as American “cunt”? Or more akin to the mellower “pussy”? Would Britwomen themselves ever use the term to refer to their own anatomy with other women friends? Would men ever use it to refer to women in a derogatory way?” No, Yes, No, Yes. Hope that helps.

Meaning of Usage note:

Usage note: means: Biotch (BEE-ach) n., derogatory word for woman or person, from “bitch,” female dog. “02, like what, biotch.”   [Etym., Hip hop]    While biotch is widely used by males and females, this term, along with “bitch,” is a reflection of negative cultural values, contempt for women, and in some cases violence against women.  It is found in much popular music.

Meaning of Biotch

Biotch means: (BEE-ach) n., derogatory word for woman or person, from “bitch,” female dog. “02, like what, biotch.”   [Etym., Hip hop]  Usage note:  While biotch is widely used by males and females, this term, along with “bitch,” is a reflection of negative cultural values, contempt for women, and in some cases violence against women.  It is found in much popular music.

Meaning of Son of a Gun

Son of a Gun means: (1) Born aboard a warship. Derived from the days when women were allowed to live in naval ships. The ‘son-of-a-gun’ was one born on a warship, often in the greater space near the midship gun, behind a canvas screen. If paternity was uncertain, the child was entered in the ship’s log as a “Son-of-a-gun.” (2) This expression comes from the term for children conceived on the gun decks of a ship. When in port, women were often brought on board. Since the sailors had no private quarters, they would sling hammocks between the guns or cannons for their liaasons.

Meaning of Wren

Wren means: Historically, a female member of the WRCNS (Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service) which existed during WWII and continued post-war through to the 1960s. Originated in the Royal Navy where the term Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) was shortened to "Wren". The term carried over to the Canadian Navy, however it is out of regular use in today's RCN. Also known as "Jenny Wren".

Meaning of spam purse

spam purse means: Entered more or less verbatim: me and my friends have started to use the 'spam-purse'. It is another word for a womens vagina. there is a game we play where we in turn yell it out in turn each time getting louder. we are between the ages of 14 and 16 and we bought your book after a shopping expedition in Derby and in waterstones when an old women asked if we knew of a book that was an alternative dictionary, we found yours and gave it to her. after she bought it we read through a few pages and were laughing are heads off especially at sack whack which we hadnt heard befor but it became a common occurance to use it. we are very sorry to that old women who we dont think really wanted that book.

Meaning of cunt (!) *

cunt (!) * means: Noun. 1. The female genitals. 2. Women from a sexual viewpoint. Offensive. 3. A despicable person. Derog. and coarse, and with its associated meanings is consequently particularly offensive. 4. A very familiar term of address. E.g."Hello you old cunt, how are you? You're looking well." 5. A difficult thing or task. E.g."I'm not offering to help him move house, he's got a piano and it'll be a cunt of a job to shift it."Exclam. An exclamation of anger, surprise, frustration, disappointment. * Undoubtedly the most offensive and taboo of all vulgarisms, and particularly so to women, however its use is becoming more frequent. Consequently it is gradually losing its offensiveness and perhaps will in due course become as accepted as 'fuck' in its use. The word goes back to Middle English, cunte, and before then it can only be speculated upon, however some believe its origins lie with the Latin, cuneus, meaning wedge.

Meaning of m4w

m4w means: men for women

Meaning of w4m

w4m means: women for men

Meaning of wymyn

wymyn means: women

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Meaning of BLOOD BALL

BLOOD BALL means: Blood ball was th century slang for an annual butcher's ball.

Meaning of BRUSH OFF

BRUSH OFF means: Brush off is slang for to dismiss and ignore a person, especially curtly.


HOBSON−JOBSON means: Hobson−jobson is the British slang linguistic process whereby foreign words or phrases are anglicized for use by English speakers; such as 'plonk' from the French vin blanc, and hocus−pocus from the Latin hoc est corpus.

Meaning of HORN

HORN means: Horn is slang for the penis.Horn is slang for an erection of the penis.Horn is slang for sexual excitement or lust.Horn is slang for the nose.Horn is slang for a trumpet.Horn is slang for a pipe used to smoke crack cocaine.Horn is American slang for a drink.Horn is American slang for the telephone.Horn is American slang for to inhale a narcotic drug.Horn is Jamaican slang for extramarital sex, an affair.

Meaning of squeezing off

squeezing off means: Masturbate.

Meaning of Check You Later

Check You Later means: i will see you later

Meaning of Squaw

Squaw means: An extremely derisive term for an Indian woman. Though this term was widely used in the Old West so much so that it became common language, it should not be perpetuated. as the term loosely translates to the "C" word that might be utilized today.

Meaning of grind

grind means: A sex act. I need a break from the daily grind.

Meaning of shlong

shlong means: The male organ. Marlin thinks he is hella shizzy with his new wheels.

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