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Definition of Law-fall

Law-fall n. means: Depression of the jaw; hence, depression of spirits.

What is the meaning/definition of Law-fall ?

Law-fall n. means: Depression of the jaw; hence, depression of spirits.

Meaning of Law-fall

Law-fall (n.) means: Depression of the jaw; hence, depression of spirits.

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Fall (v. t.): To pass somewhat suddenly, and passively, into a new state of body or mind; to become; as, to fall asleep; to fall into a passion; to fall in love; to fall into temptation.

Fall (v. t.): To become insnared or embarrassed; to be entrapped; to be worse off than before; asm to fall into error; to fall into difficulties.

Fall (n.): Diminution or decrease in price or value; depreciation; as, the fall of prices; the fall of rents.

Fall (n.): That which falls; a falling; as, a fall of rain; a heavy fall of snow.

Shower (n.): A fall or rain or hail of short duration; sometimes, but rarely, a like fall of snow.

Fall (v. t.): To sink; to languish; to become feeble or faint; as, our spirits rise and fall with our fortunes.

Fall (n.): Extent of descent; the distance which anything falls; as, the water of a stream has a fall of five feet.

Hanch (): A sudden fall or break, as the fall of the fife rail down to the gangway.

Fall (n.): A sinking of tone; cadence; as, the fall of the voice at the close of a sentence.

Fall (n.): The discharge of a river or current of water into the ocean, or into a lake or pond; as, the fall of the Po into the Gulf of Venice.

Fall (n.): The act of falling; a dropping or descending be the force of gravity; descent; as, a fall from a horse, or from the yard of ship.

Fall (n.): The act of dropping or tumbling from an erect posture; as, he was walking on ice, and had a fall.

Fall (n.): The surrender of a besieged fortress or town ; as, the fall of Sebastopol.

Stumble (v. i.): To trip in walking or in moving in any way with the legs; to strike the foot so as to fall, or to endanger a fall; to stagger because of a false step.

Fall (n.): The season when leaves fall from trees; autumn.

Drop (v. i.): To fall dead, or to fall in death.

Fall (v. t.): To sink; to depress; as, to fall the voice.

Crumble (v. i.): To fall into small pieces; to break or part into small fragments; hence, to fall to decay or ruin; to become disintegrated; to perish.

Fall (n.): Downfall; degradation; loss of greatness or office; termination of greatness, power, or dominion; ruin; overthrow; as, the fall of the Roman empire.

Fall (v. t.): To bring forth; as, to fall lambs.

Fall (v. t.): To fell; to cut down; as, to fall a tree.

Collapse (v. i.): To fall together suddenly, as the sides of a hollow vessel; to close by falling or shrinking together; to have the sides or parts of (a thing) fall in together, or be crushed in together; as, a flue in the boiler of a steam engine sometimes collapses.

Circumflex (n.): A wave of the voice embracing both a rise and fall or a fall and a rise on the same a syllable.

Supralapsarian (n.): One of that class of Calvinists who believed that God's decree of election determined that man should fall, in order that the opportunity might be furnished of securing the redemption of a part of the race, the decree of salvation being conceived of as formed before or beyond, and not after or following, the lapse, or fall. Cf. Infralapsarian.

Flag (v. t.): To let droop; to suffer to fall, or let fall, into feebleness; as, to flag the wings.

Pitch (v. i.): To plunge or fall; esp., to fall forward; to decline or slope; as, to pitch from a precipice; the vessel pitches in a heavy sea; the field pitches toward the east.

Fall (v. t.): To let fall; to drop.

Pruner (n.): Any one of several species of beetles whose larvae gnaw the branches of trees so as to cause them to fall, especially the American oak pruner (Asemum moestum), whose larva eats the pith of oak branches, and when mature gnaws a circular furrow on the inside nearly to the bark. When the branches fall each contains a pupa.

Drop (n.): To cause to fall in one portion, or by one motion, like a drop; to let fall; as, to drop a line in fishing; to drop a courtesy.

Tuefall (n.): See To-fall.

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Meaning of autumn

autumn means: n season between summer and winter. Americans call it “fall.” Americans, of course, also call it “autumn” which might have you wondering why it’s in here at all. Well, my furry friend, it is in here because Brits never call it “fall.” Think of this entry not so much as “autumn,” but more as “not fall.”

Meaning of fall out

fall out means: To sleep. They dumped all the evidence in Preston's locker, deciding to let him be the fall guy.

Meaning of fall for

fall for means: Fall in love with. I told him that my dad was the President of the United States and he fell for it.

Meaning of fall guy

fall guy means: A scapegoat. They dumped all the evidence in Preston's locker, deciding to let him be the fall guy.

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fall for means: Fall in love with. The moment Moine saw Phillippe she fell for him like a ton of bricks.

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se viander means: fall; fall down

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fall for means: To become a lover of. [I do not know why I had to fall for you.]


RUN, TRIP AND FALL means: Run, trip and fall is slang for valium.

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FALL means: to be arrested

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fall means: Arrested

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