Slang definition of QUADS

QUADS means: Quads is slang for methaqualone.

What is the slang definition/meaning of QUADS?

QUADS means: Quads is slang for methaqualone.

Slang meaning of QUADS

QUADS means: Quads is slang for methaqualone.

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Meaning of QUADS

QUADS means: Quads is slang for methaqualone.

Meaning of QUADS

QUADS means: depressants

Meaning of quads

quads means: Depressants

Meaning of quads

quads means: quadriceps; large muscles in the upper legs

Meaning of Quaddess

Quaddess means: an upper catagory woman, one with epic quads as in mythologic Greek proportions.

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Meaning of GONE

GONE means: Gone is slang for in an exhilarated state, as through music or the use of drugs. Gone is slang for excellent, inspired.

Meaning of cheesed off

cheesed off means: very annoyed ‘I was really cheesed off.’

Meaning of Slattering

Slattering means: To urinate

Meaning of put-on

put-on means: A deception. It was an elaborate put-on which I almost believed.

Meaning of Soldiers

Soldiers means: (pronounced sold-jas) A person (usually young male) who is committed to a cause; passionately lives out his/her conviction and willing to suffer or die for what they represent.  "Marcus is a real sodier in these streets. That's why I like to hang with him." 

Meaning of cardie

cardie means: n abbr cardigan. A common abbreviation, at least for anyone who still wears cardigans.

Meaning of loft

loft means: n attic. The small space in the rafters of your house where you keep letters from your ex-lovers and all of your school books, just in case they might ever come in handy again. The word “attic” is also used in the U.K.

Meaning of booty-chatter

booty-chatter means: Means trash talking. For example, "Yo my neezy you need to quit spitting that booty-chatter." This is a very krunk term to use. I highly recommend it fo sho (ed: err... yeah ok... thanks... I think?)

Meaning of semi-closeted:

semi-closeted: means: Homosexual who denies that he is gay, but is out only to a Gays, one the is in the closets to heterosexual.

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