Slang definition of QUARTER

QUARTER means: Quarter is military slang for quartermaster.

What is the slang definition/meaning of QUARTER?

QUARTER means: Quarter is military slang for quartermaster.

Slang meaning of QUARTER

QUARTER means: Quarter is military slang for quartermaster.

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Meaning of quarter

quarter means: five shillings (5/-) from the 1800s, meaning a quarter of a pound. More recently (1900s) the slang 'a quarter' has transfered to twenty-five pounds.

Meaning of Quarter

Quarter means: The after part of a ship's side. Made up of the Starboard Quarter and the Port Quarter.

Meaning of quarter

quarter means: n. A term in reference to a quarter ounce bag of marijuana.  "Aye yo son lets get a quarter off of Johnny." 

Meaning of Quarter

Quarter means: (1) That portion of the vessel forward of the stern and abaft of the beam. "On the quarter" applies to a bearing 45º abaft the beam. Every boat has a starboard and a port quarter. (2) Mercy shown to captives or enemies, such as giving quarter to the passengers of a seized vessel.*

Meaning of Quarter

Quarter means: A quarter can be a room, aboard a ship but more often in pirate terms quarter meant mercy. The pirate would run up the Jolly Roger which meant they were going to attack and show no mercy or quarter if fired upon. The captain of the other ship, could strike or lower their own flag meaning they were not going to fight. If the ship were to strike its colors then quarter was given and the ship was looted but personnel were not harmed (that is, if the pirate kept his word!).

Meaning of Quarter Spring

Quarter Spring means: Line led forward, from quarter of a vessel, to prevent her from moving astern.

Meaning of quarter

quarter means: A 25-cent piece. Give me a quarter; I need to make a telephone call.

Meaning of QUARTER

QUARTER means: Quarter is military slang for quartermaster.


QUARTER TO TWO means: Quarter to two is British rhyming slang for Jew.

Meaning of Quarter Boat

Quarter Boat means: Boat carried at davits on quarter of ship, and kept ready for immediate use when at sea.


QUARTER PAST TWO means: Quarter past two is London Cockney rhyming slang for a Jew.

Meaning of Quarter deck

Quarter deck means: Originally, a smaller deck situated above the HALF-DECK (q.v.), covering about a quarter of the vessel. Obs. b. In later use: That part of the upper or spar-deck which extends between the stern and after-mast, and is used as a promenade by the superior officers or cabin-passengers

Meaning of QUARTER

QUARTER means: quarter ounce

Meaning of farthing

farthing means: a quarter of an old penny (¼d) - not slang, a proper word in use (in slightly different form - feorthung) since the end of the first millenium, and in this list mainly to clarify that the origin of the word is not from 'four things', supposedly and commonly believed from the times when coins were split to make pieces of smaller value, but actually (less excitingly) from Old English feortha, meaning fourth, corresponding to Old Frisian fiardeng, meaning a quarter of a mark, and similar Germanic words meaning four and fourth. The modern form of farthing was first recorded in English around 1280 when it altered from ferthing to farthing.

Meaning of quarter bag

quarter bag means: $25 worth of drugs

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DOWN THE CHUTE means: Down the chute is slang for ruined, abandoned, beyond hope.

Meaning of TOMMIES

TOMMIES means: Tommies is slang for tomatoes.

Meaning of piece of cake

piece of cake means: Noun. Something very easy. E.g."I got full marks in that quiz. It was a piece of cake."

Meaning of GOB

GOB means: Game On B*tcheeez

Meaning of POV

POV means: Point Of View

Meaning of thump

thump means: A punch (usu. a hard blow to the upper arm).


CHARLIE GIRL means: cocaine

Meaning of EML8R

EML8R means: E-mail me later (also EML)

Meaning of Pink-Heel

Pink-Heel means: Color of heel is pink.

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