Slang definition of RATS

RATS means: Rats is Australian slang for deranged; insane.

What is the slang definition/meaning of RATS?

RATS means: Rats is Australian slang for deranged; insane.

Slang meaning of RATS

RATS means: Rats is Australian slang for deranged; insane.

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Meaning of GET RATS

GET RATS means: Get rats is Australian and New Zealand slang eccentric or insane.

Meaning of rats with wings

rats with wings means: Noun. Pigeons. From being considered vermin, like rats.

Meaning of RATS

RATS means: Rats is Australian slang for deranged; insane.

Meaning of rats arse

rats arse means: Term used to add emphasis to a statement, usually used with negative connotations, for example "She cried for an hour when I dumped her but she'd pissed me off so much I really couldn't give a rats arse about her!".

Meaning of doha bunnies

doha bunnies means: Rats. USed in the form of "I just saw another Doha Bunny". Note: It is actually illegal in Qatar to say the country contains rats.

Meaning of Rats!

Rats! means: An interjection of disappointment. Rats! We're out of gas.

Meaning of Rats arse

Rats arse means: I couldn’t give a rats arse! I don’t care!

Meaning of Like rats deserting a sinking ship

Like rats deserting a sinking ship means: This is a derogatory term for a person who leaves a given situation at the first sign of trouble, just as rats were said to leave a sinking ship.

Meaning of C's

C's means: C-rations, C-rats, Charlie rats, or combat rations--canned meals used in military operations. The term "Charlie" was both the phonetic alphabetization of the "C" in C-rations and signified the enemy or enemy activity. Pgs. 506, 507 & 508


GIVE A PERSON RATS means: Give a person rats is slang for berate or rebuke.

Meaning of Rats And Mice

Rats And Mice means: Dice

Meaning of IDGARA

IDGARA means: I Don't Give A Rats Ass

Meaning of rattle

rattle means: To upset, agitate. Rats! We're out of gas.

Meaning of rug rat

rug rat means: Small child. Pam is married now, with two rug rats.

Meaning of rats on stilts

rats on stilts means: greyhounds also known as ‘dishlickers’

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Meaning of STAND ON ME

STAND ON ME means: Stand on me is slang for believe me, trust me, rely on me.

Meaning of THE RUNS

THE RUNS means: The runs is British slang for diarrhoea.

Meaning of IHU

IHU means: I Hear You

Meaning of getting georgia

getting georgia means: v. Term meaning to oral sex. Referring to the Georgia Dome (another slang for oral sex is ‘dome’) thus, the hint ‘getting Georgia.  "Hey did you get some Georgia from that chick last night?" 

Meaning of wagner

wagner means: Used to disguise the word wanker. In this way, you could call someone a wagner in front of a teacher and they couldn't do you, when really you meant wanker. This word is used in schools now. It is mostly used when in class near a teacher or figure of authority.

Meaning of Chitterlings

Chitterlings means: The intestines of a pig that have been prepared as food.

Meaning of 411

411 means: information, news, gossip

Meaning of jiggy

jiggy means: Jittery, fidgety. Robin Banks did some jiggery-pokery to make his books show a profit.

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