Slang definition of RUIN

RUIN means: Ruin is slang for gin, especially poor quality gin.

What is the slang definition/meaning of RUIN?

RUIN means: Ruin is slang for gin, especially poor quality gin.

Slang meaning of RUIN

RUIN means: Ruin is slang for gin, especially poor quality gin.

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Meaning of RUIN

RUIN means: Ruin is slang for gin, especially poor quality gin.


RUIN AND SPOIL means: Ruin and spoil is London Cockney rhyming slang for oil.

Meaning of BLUE RUIN

BLUE RUIN means: Blue ruin is British slang for cheap gin.

Meaning of AUNTIE'S RUIN

AUNTIE'S RUIN means: Auntie's ruin is British slang for gin.

Meaning of Mother's Ruin

Mother's Ruin means: Gin

Meaning of mothers ruin

mothers ruin means: Gin.

Meaning of to mess something up

to mess something up means: to do something wrong, to ruin something

Meaning of Up the Spout

Up the Spout means: Gone to waste or ruin.

Meaning of Mother's Ruin

Mother's Ruin means: Gin. Another mothers would sit well.

Meaning of muck up

muck up means: to ruin something, or do it very badly

Meaning of Dish

Dish means: To ruin, to frustrate. "He dished us too.”

Meaning of banjax

banjax means: Verb. To ruin. [Mainly Irish use.]

Meaning of pop

pop means: To hit. Don't invite Marvin; he is such as pooper he'll ruin the party.

Meaning of slag off

slag off means: To ruin the reputation of someone by gossiping about them in a vindictive manner.

Meaning of DO UNDER

DO UNDER means: Do under is Black American slang for to defeat, to ruin, to kill.

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LOOTWORTHY means: Lootworthy is British slang for a worthwhile investment.

Meaning of forty winks

forty winks means: Noun. A short sleep, a cat-nap. {Informal}

Meaning of Cockknocker

Cockknocker means: Someone who is not worthy of associating with the general population. A criminal sometimes, an asshole all the time.

Meaning of apple polisher

apple polisher means: A suckarse crawler. One who fanny's up to the teacher to ingratiate themselves in the hope off gaining a few extra marks or some other advantage - like protection in the playground when the rest of the class tries to smash his face in for being a smug twat.

Meaning of age of consent

age of consent means: The lowest age at which sex is legally permissible. Often the age differs for male/male, female/female and male/female. In the USA, the age of consent varies state by state.

Meaning of rump-splitter

rump-splitter means: Eighteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of Snake Pizen

Snake Pizen means: Whiskey.

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