Slang definition of SCOTLAND

SCOTLAND means: Scotland (shortened from Scotland the brave) is London Cockney rhyming slang for shave.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SCOTLAND?

SCOTLAND means: Scotland (shortened from Scotland the brave) is London Cockney rhyming slang for shave.

Slang meaning of SCOTLAND

SCOTLAND means: Scotland (shortened from Scotland the brave) is London Cockney rhyming slang for shave.

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Meaning of SCOTLAND

SCOTLAND means: Scotland (shortened from Scotland the brave) is London Cockney rhyming slang for shave.


SCOTLAND THE BRAVE means: Scotland the brave is London Cockney rhyming slang for shave.

Meaning of mink

mink means: Describing someone who is disgusting or dirty. i.e. "Quit picking yer nose, Mink!", or "He's a Fort William Mink!". Mostly used north of the border, Scotland but under stood if used with enough venom anywhere. Possibly comes from either 'MINKY' brand cleaning cloths or 'Tink' being a tinker or tramp. (ed: I think that bearing in mind the strong historical links between Scotland and France it is more likely that it is more closely related to the French word 'manque'.) Should also be noted that if you are a mink you can be described as a 'Minker', or as being 'Minkey'. c.f. manque circa. 1970's UK (Scot)

Meaning of Joey

Joey means: Scotland

Meaning of bird

bird means: pron. “beud” (London); “burd” (Scotland) n woman. Well, not really. Bird is used by blokes looking upon the fairer sex with a slightly more carnal eye. It’s not quite at the stage of treating women as objects but the implication is certainly there: I shagged some random bird last night (a popular usage), or: Hey, Andy, I think those birds over there are looking at us. You’d never describe your grandmother as a bird. It’s popular in Scotland to refer to one’s girlfriend as “ma burd” — but do it in front of her and you’ll be choking teeth. About the only thing worse would be to call her “ma bint,” which will warrant a foot in the testicles and a loose tongue concerning your sexual prowess. The word itself is derived from the Old Norse word for “woman,” and the closest American English equivalent would probably be “chick.”

Meaning of jock (2)

jock (2) means: Semi-affectionate generic name for a person from Scotland.

Meaning of glaikit

glaikit means: Glazed or vacant expression, having the appearance of stupidity. Widely used around Scotland.

Meaning of Bairn

Bairn means: Baby or young child. This word is especially popular in Scotland and the north east of England

Meaning of One o'clock gun

One o'clock gun means: In Edinburgh, Scotland, cannon fired from the Royal Castle in order that the fleet's clocks could be synchronized. Now, a remark to become timely.*

Meaning of stottie

stottie means: Noun. A flat coarse bread, made from the scraps of dough leftover in baking. [Scotland/Tyneside/Northern use]

Meaning of chappie

chappie means: The word used in the West of Scotland for the game of "Nicky-knocky-nine-doors". I.e. knocking on doors and running away before the door is answered.

Meaning of KREMLIN

KREMLIN means: Kremlin is British slang for New Scotland Yaed.


HAGGISLAND means: Haggisland is British slang for Scotland.

Meaning of Jock

Jock means: A nickname for John in Scotland but widely used as a Scottish everyman term like, dude, or mack, or buddy. It can be pejorative depending on context.“Listen Jock, I need your group gone in the next five minutes.”

Meaning of jobbey-jabber, jobbie-jabber

jobbey-jabber, jobbie-jabber means: Homosexual (veiled reference to anal sex.) Widely used in Northern Scotland, but also noted in other areas. It is likely that it came into widespread use as the word "jobby" became popularised by Billy Connolly in the'70s.

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Meaning of LADY

LADY means: Lady is slang for cocaine.

Meaning of completely hatstand

completely hatstand means: Adj. Crazy, insane. Originally from Viz comic. Often abb. to 'hatstand'. Cf. 'totally hatstand'.

Meaning of docky

docky means: Noun. A snack. [Norfolk/Cambridgeshire/Lincs use]

Meaning of gwalla

gwalla means: n. a wad of money or cash. (see also "gwap" or "guap"). The term was used in the film "State Property II" by rapper Baby Boy. 

Meaning of antiman

antiman means: Name used for a gay man.

Meaning of Dig

Dig means: do you get it

Meaning of Rock

Rock means: A diamond

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