Slang definition of SPANISH ARCHER

SPANISH ARCHER means: Spanish archer is British slang for a rejection or dismissal.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SPANISH ARCHER?

SPANISH ARCHER means: Spanish archer is British slang for a rejection or dismissal.

Slang meaning of SPANISH ARCHER

SPANISH ARCHER means: Spanish archer is British slang for a rejection or dismissal.

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Meaning of give someone the Spanish archer

give someone the Spanish archer means: Vrb phrs. To dismiss, to sack. A pun on the 'Spanish archer' being called El Bow, thus 'give someone the elbow' (dismiss someone). E.g."I found out she was having it away with the milkman, so I gave her the old spanish archer."


SPANISH ARCHER means: Spanish archer is British slang for a rejection or dismissal.


THE SPANISH ARCHER means: The Spanish archer is British slang for a rejection.

Meaning of Spanish archer

Spanish archer means: Noun. See 'give the spanish archer'.

Meaning of Archer

Archer means: Noun. £2000. From the amount of money given by Jeffrey Archer to a prostitute (Monica Coughlan) to enable her to leave the country, and in order to buy her silence over services rendered. Jeffrey Archer, ex-member of Parliament and best selling author, served a prison sentence for perjury and perverting the course of justice.

Meaning of ARCHER

ARCHER means: Archer is British slang for œ (The amount paid to the prostitute Monica Coughlan by JeffreyArcher the author and Conservative politician).

Meaning of archer

archer means: two thousand pounds (£2,000), late 20th century, from the Jeffrey Archer court case in which he was alleged to have bribed call-girl Monica Coughlan with this amount.

Meaning of Spanish Main

Spanish Main means: The Spanish Main was the mainland coast of the Spanish Empire around the Caribbean, a region initially called "Spanish America." It included Florida, Mexico, Central America and the north coast of South America. In time it became a general term for the seaways around the Spanish possessions in the Caribbean.

Meaning of ARC

ARC means: (abrv.) (n.) Archer

Meaning of Filibuster

Filibuster means: One of a class of piratical adventurers who pillaged the Spanish colonies (the Spanish Main) in the West Indies during the 17th Century.

Meaning of SPANISH

SPANISH means: Spanish is British slang for liquorice.

Meaning of dago

dago means: n Spanish person (rather uncharitable and slightly antiquated). I mean the term is uncharitable and antiquated, not the Spanish person in question. There are two possible etymologies: One is that it is a slightly abbreviated “Diego,” that being of course a popular Spanish name. It may also be a contraction of the town name San Diego (named after Santiago, a.k.a. St. James, the patron saint of Spain). The term is in use in the U.S. but, rather perversely, refers to Italians.

Meaning of (DoW) Disciples of War 

(DoW) Disciples of War  means: (acr.) (phrase) One of four disciplines that includes the following classes: Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist, Archer and Lancer and their respective jobs.


SPANISH MAIN means: Spanish main is London Cockney rhyming slang for a drain.

Meaning of Vaquero

Vaquero means: cowboy in Spanish; Spanish root word for the American word “buckaroo”.

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Meaning of FEEL

FEEL means: Feel is slang for to pass one's hands over the sexual organs of someone.

Meaning of SCUFFLE

SCUFFLE means: Scuffle is American slang for obtain money with difficulty.


USING MONKEY WATER means: Using monkey water is slang for Shabanging.

Meaning of jungle bunny

jungle bunny means: Noun. A black person. Derog./Offens.

Meaning of chutney ferret

chutney ferret means: Homosexual. Used as a term of insult.

Meaning of hybristophilia

hybristophilia means: Persons with this fetish are sexually aroused by having sex with a convicted criminal.

Meaning of Ladybug

Ladybug means: Fountain operator

Meaning of Pipes

Pipes means: Straws

Meaning of Submarine races

Submarine races means: While waiting for the submarines to race, which might take quite awhile :>) couples found creative ways of killing the time.

Meaning of LOONY TOONS


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