Slang definition of SQUARE PUSHING

SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SQUARE PUSHING?

SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

Slang meaning of SQUARE PUSHING

SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

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SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

Meaning of Skyscraper

Skyscraper means: On a square:rigged ship, small, triangular shaped sail that was set above the other sails on the old square-rigged vessels. They were so tall they seemed to scrape the sky. A square version is called a Moonraker.


PUSHING UP DAISIES means: Pushing up daisies is slang for dead.

Meaning of square-go

square-go means: (1) widely used playground precursor to a sound "kicking" - usually followed by "...pal", "...Jimmy" etc., "be very frightened!" (2) Always as a shout, 'Square Goes!' was a call to battle. After a brief exchange of abuse, when a fight was obviously called for you would challenge your opponent with the phrase 'Square Goes!" and usually leave a time."Right then ya cunt - square goes - you and me - after maths!", commonly used around 1985-86 (for our school anyway, but we were a bunch of windy-lickers!) During Scottish non-pacifist era extending roughly (very) - 300 B.C. to present day Note: ok, both def's are really the same... but who's gonna argue with a mad Scot??

Meaning of Square

Square means: On a square:rigged ship, the yards are square by the braces when they are at right angles to the fore:and:aft lines of the ship.

Meaning of Square meal

Square meal means: Square wooden trencher plates were used on-board ships as they didn't slide around as easily as circular plates, for sailors & press-ganged men they would have looked forward to a good square meal between their watches.

Meaning of Square

Square means: A somewhat outmoded term meaning unknowing which can be a noun or a verb.That cat is a real "square"

Meaning of L 7

L 7 means: Another way of calling someone a square or a nerd. Derived from text messaging- it looks like “a square.”  "Man that dudes an L 7." 

Meaning of four-square

four-square means: Sidewalk game played with four kids and a rubber ball. (2 Square also available when there's a child shortage).

Meaning of SQUARE OFF

SQUARE OFF means: Square off is Australian slang for placate, apologise.

Meaning of square

square means: Old-fashioned, not cool. My father looks square in his jacket.

Meaning of Studdingsail

Studdingsail means: On square:rigged ships, an additional sail set in good weather outside the square sails when the wind was abaft the beam. Pronounced "Stun:s'l"

Meaning of on the square

on the square means: Square Honest; : telling the truth

Meaning of Square

Square means: Honest; on the square: telling the truth

Meaning of SQUARE

SQUARE means: Square is slang for not−hip; boring; old−fashioned. Square is slang for a conventional, old−fashioned person.

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Meaning of COOEY

COOEY means: Cooey is British slang for a pigeon.

Meaning of SHMOOZE

SHMOOZE means: Shmooze is American slang for to chat or gossip at length.

Meaning of VEX−MONEY

VEX−MONEY means: Vex−money is Trinidadian slang for money carried by a woman to a date so that she can pay for her own transport home if she has to.

Meaning of Well

Well means: - Well can be used to accentuate other words. for example someone might be "well hard" to mean he is a real man, as opposed to just "hard". Something really good might be "well good". Or if you were really really pleased with something you might be "well chuffed". Grammatically it's appalling but people say it anyway.

Meaning of INNW

INNW means: If Not Now When?

Meaning of tweaker

tweaker means: Someone who gets high on drugs. That tweaker can't hold a job.

Meaning of dylan

dylan means: Bit of a dozy cunt. From the so named hippy rabbit in the Magic Roundabout, who was usually asleep. Used as "Wake up you fucking Dylan, we're going scrumping".

Meaning of JOLLY BEAN

JOLLY BEAN means: amphetamine

Meaning of drill

drill means: To tease. Buster is such a dreamboat he had Sally snowed on the first date.

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