Slang definition of SQUARE PUSHING

SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

What is the slang definition/meaning of SQUARE PUSHING?

SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

Slang meaning of SQUARE PUSHING

SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

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SQUARE PUSHING means: Square pushing is Dorset slang for courting.

Meaning of Skyscraper

Skyscraper means: On a square:rigged ship, small, triangular shaped sail that was set above the other sails on the old square-rigged vessels. They were so tall they seemed to scrape the sky. A square version is called a Moonraker.


PUSHING UP DAISIES means: Pushing up daisies is slang for dead.

Meaning of square-go

square-go means: (1) widely used playground precursor to a sound "kicking" - usually followed by "...pal", "...Jimmy" etc., "be very frightened!" (2) Always as a shout, 'Square Goes!' was a call to battle. After a brief exchange of abuse, when a fight was obviously called for you would challenge your opponent with the phrase 'Square Goes!" and usually leave a time."Right then ya cunt - square goes - you and me - after maths!", commonly used around 1985-86 (for our school anyway, but we were a bunch of windy-lickers!) During Scottish non-pacifist era extending roughly (very) - 300 B.C. to present day Note: ok, both def's are really the same... but who's gonna argue with a mad Scot??

Meaning of Square

Square means: On a square:rigged ship, the yards are square by the braces when they are at right angles to the fore:and:aft lines of the ship.

Meaning of Square meal

Square meal means: Square wooden trencher plates were used on-board ships as they didn't slide around as easily as circular plates, for sailors & press-ganged men they would have looked forward to a good square meal between their watches.

Meaning of Square

Square means: A somewhat outmoded term meaning unknowing which can be a noun or a verb.That cat is a real "square"

Meaning of L 7

L 7 means: Another way of calling someone a square or a nerd. Derived from text messaging- it looks like “a square.”  "Man that dudes an L 7." 

Meaning of four-square

four-square means: Sidewalk game played with four kids and a rubber ball. (2 Square also available when there's a child shortage).

Meaning of SQUARE OFF

SQUARE OFF means: Square off is Australian slang for placate, apologise.

Meaning of square

square means: Old-fashioned, not cool. My father looks square in his jacket.

Meaning of Studdingsail

Studdingsail means: On square:rigged ships, an additional sail set in good weather outside the square sails when the wind was abaft the beam. Pronounced "Stun:s'l"

Meaning of on the square

on the square means: Square Honest; : telling the truth

Meaning of Square

Square means: Honest; on the square: telling the truth

Meaning of SQUARE

SQUARE means: Square is slang for not−hip; boring; old−fashioned. Square is slang for a conventional, old−fashioned person.

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Meaning of come out

come out means: Verb. To openly reveal one's homosexuality. Cf. 'out' and 'closet'.

Meaning of flob

flob means: Noun. Spit, phlegm. Verb. To spit.

Meaning of lesbo

lesbo means: Noun. A lesbian. Derog.

Meaning of dirty lay

dirty lay means: Unrestrained homosexual, uncontrollable desire by a man for sexual intercourse one that needs to have sex all the time.

Meaning of Wild bantha chase

Wild bantha chase means: A wild bantha chase was a futile errand, one which might be a distraction to important business.

Meaning of Clean

Clean means: (cleen) adj.,  Looking good in a neat way.  “That outfit was clean.”  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of hook up

hook up means: To get together. Wow, Millie! Those new jeans are off the hook!

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