Slang definition of UNCLE BILL

UNCLE BILL means: Uncle Bill is British slang for police.

What is the slang definition/meaning of UNCLE BILL?

UNCLE BILL means: Uncle Bill is British slang for police.

Slang meaning of UNCLE BILL

UNCLE BILL means: Uncle Bill is British slang for police.

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Meaning of UNCLE BILL

UNCLE BILL means: Uncle Bill is British slang for police.

Meaning of UNCLE

UNCLE means: Uncle is British slang for a pawnbroker.Uncle (shortened from Uncle Dick) is London Cockney rhyming slang for sick.Uncle is an American slang cry of surrender, to admit defeat.Uncle is American slang for the law enforcement agencies.

Meaning of Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom means: Blacks who suck up to white people. In reference to the Uncle Tom character in the famous 1852 book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Meaning of Bob’s your uncle

Bob’s your uncle means: interj there you have it; ta-da! It’s a little antiquated these days but by no means out of use. It carries a cheerful connotation, so you would be more likely to hear: And then fold it back again, once over itself like that and Bob’s your uncle — an origami swan! rather than: Just get a hold of the paedophile register and Bob’s your uncle!

Meaning of Fits the bill

Fits the bill means: A Bill of Lading was used to acknowledge receipt of goods and the promise to deliver them to their destination in good or like condition. Upon delivery, the goods were checked against the Bill of Lading to see if all was in order. If so, they "fit the bill".

Meaning of Old Bill, The Old Bill

Old Bill, The Old Bill means: A metaphor for a policeman, or the police in general.“Old Bill broke up the street fight.”

Meaning of pong

pong means: n bad smell. My maths teacher at school, Mr Benzies, also taught my uncle, who was fifteen or so years older than me. My uncle told me that in his day Mr Benzies was known unanimously as “Pongo Benzies” because “wherever he goes, the pong goes.” If you’re reading this, Mr Benzies, please remember that I’m just relating what my uncle said, and I didn’t necessarily actually call you that, or try and get the rest of the year to call you it too.

Meaning of UNCLE MAC

UNCLE MAC means: Uncle Mac is British rhyming slang for heroin (smack).

Meaning of UNCLE BOB

UNCLE BOB means: Uncle Bob is British slang for police.

Meaning of Uncle Bert

Uncle Bert means: Shirt. I've got to press my uncle.


BOB'S YOUR UNCLE means: Bob's your uncle is slang for everything is, or will, turn out all right.

Meaning of Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob means: Knob. 'e's a bit proud of his Uncle Bob.

Meaning of uncle mac

uncle mac means: Not slang but I used to love listening to him I remember with happiness hearing old favourited like Peter and the Wolf, Sparky and the Magic Piano, The Runaway Train etc. Uncle Mac never moved with the times and didn't really like modern music, but we loved him anyway.

Meaning of Bill Show

Bill Show means: A Wild West show. Probably derived from the names of the two leading show promoters - William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody and Gordan William "Pawnee Bill" Lillie.

Meaning of UNCLE FRED

UNCLE FRED means: Uncle Fred is London Cockney rhyming slang for bread.

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Meaning of DUST BUNNY

DUST BUNNY means: Dust bunny is American slang for a ball of fluff in an undusted part of the house.

Meaning of SAN TOY

SAN TOY means: San Toy is London Cockney rhyming slang for a boy.

Meaning of batty rider

batty rider means: Noun. Skimpy shorts that 'ride' up to expose the wearers bottom ('batty') cheeks, usually female attire. [West Indies/Black UK?]

Meaning of Pound sign

Pound sign means: Ever wondered why Brits flounder when voicemail messages say to press the pound sign? What on earth is the British currency doing on a phone anyway? Well, it isn't. To a Brit, the pound sign is the wiggly thing we use to denote the UK pound (or quid), in the same way you have a dollar sign.

Meaning of BISCUIT

BISCUIT means: 50 rocks of crack

Meaning of ZAMBI

ZAMBI means: marijuana

Meaning of clamper

clamper means: ice detached from berg or floe

Meaning of sketchy

sketchy means: Questionable. Don't hang around with sketches like her; they will get you in trouble.

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