Slang definition of ZACATECAS PURPLE

ZACATECAS PURPLE means: Zacatecas purple is slang for a variety of Mexican marijuana.

What is the slang definition/meaning of ZACATECAS PURPLE?

ZACATECAS PURPLE means: Zacatecas purple is slang for a variety of Mexican marijuana.

Slang meaning of ZACATECAS PURPLE

ZACATECAS PURPLE means: Zacatecas purple is slang for a variety of Mexican marijuana.

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ZACATECAS PURPLE means: Zacatecas purple is slang for a variety of Mexican marijuana.

Meaning of zacatecas purple

zacatecas purple means: Marijuana from Mexico

Meaning of Purple Urple (a.k.a. Purple Haze)

Purple Urple (a.k.a. Purple Haze) means: n. A strong strain of sativa cannabis, usually containing leaves with a purplish tint or purple fibers.  "Yo, I got some bomb purple haze with me tonight; its gonna get us seriously faded." 

Meaning of purps, purple urple

purps, purple urple means: a term for a strong strain of marijuana that has purple leaves.  "JJ told me that he had some purple urple if I wanted to come by, but I told him that I'm off them grapes, I'm trying to clean my life up." 

Meaning of purple nurple, purple herbie

purple nurple, purple herbie means: Punishment that consists of pinching and twisting the victims (usu. male) nipple violently. In use just like nipple gripple or nipple cripple. The obvious intent was to do so much damage that the nipple turned purple with bruising or tempory discoloration. It did not usually go as far as that... often.

Meaning of purp

purp means: 1. marijuana that has a purple color 2. a cough syrup type drink that contains codine and is often purple

Meaning of Purple Power

Purple Power means: A post-Stonewall catchword for the gay community. In ths late 1960's the color purple (or, more accurately, lavender) became popularized as a symbol for gay pride.

Meaning of purple ano

purple ano means: adj. anodized aluminum in purple. Some riders need to obtain as much of this as possible. It comes in other colors, but they are of no consequence here. pushpush n. 1) a novice's pedaling motion, consisting of alternately pushing each foot down, instead of spinning. 2) a Shimano techno-fad shifting system.

Meaning of JAY PURPLE

JAY PURPLE means: Jay Purple is slang for ketamine.


PURPLE PATCH means: Purple patch is slang for a period of success, good fortune, etc.


PURPLE HEARTS means: Purple hearts is slang for amphetamine tablets.

Meaning of shit a cold purple twinkie

shit a cold purple twinkie means: To react with extreme or irrational distress or composure; freak out; have a fit; "When he hears you've been cheating on him, he's going to shit a cold purple Twinkie."

Meaning of PURPLE RAIN

PURPLE RAIN means: Purple rain is slang for phencyclidine.

Meaning of PURPLE RAIN


Meaning of PURPLE HAZE


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Meaning of ANGEL DUST

ANGEL DUST means: Angel Dust is slang for phencyclidine.

Meaning of GOOPY

GOOPY means: Goopy is slang for foolish, clumsy or unfortunate.

Meaning of stiffener

stiffener means: Noun. A reviving or fortifying alcoholic drink.

Meaning of Nesh

Nesh means: - My Dad used to call me a nesh wimp when I was a kid and I wanted him to take me places in his car because it was too cold to go on my bike. He meant I was being pathetic or a bit of a nancy boy. He might have had a point!

Meaning of Get real!

Get real! means: Think again, that is ridiculous. You think it will be cold in Florida? Get real!

Meaning of spliff

spliff means: A marijuana cigarette 

Meaning of organic growth

organic growth means: Basically any growth in a business, especially if rapid. 'Organic' just 'adds value' :)

Meaning of PIECE

PIECE means: one ounce

Meaning of SUPER KOOLS


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