Slang definition of north

north means: Noun. Mouth. Rhyming slang on North and South.

What is the slang definition/meaning of north?

north means: Noun. Mouth. Rhyming slang on North and South.

Slang meaning of north

north means: Noun. Mouth. Rhyming slang on North and South.

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Meaning of Magnetic North

Magnetic North means: The direction to which a compass points. Magnetic north differs from true north because the magnetic fields of the planet are not exactly in line with the north and south poles. Observed differences between magnetic and true north is known as magnetic variation.

Meaning of Lodestar

Lodestar means: Sailor's name for the north star, Polaris, which for all practical purposes remains fixed above the north pole, bearing north from everywhere in the northern hemisphere, making it a true aid to navigation.

Meaning of North Sea (Mar del Norte) --)

North Sea (Mar del Norte) --) means: While today this often refers to the ocean East of Scotland and north of Denmark. In the Golden Age it could also refer to the North Atlantic Ocean, especially that portion between the Azores and the Caribbean Sea.

Meaning of North

North means: One of the 4 cardinal compass points. North is the direction toward the North Pole and is at 0° or 360° on a compass card.

Meaning of True North Pole

True North Pole means: The north end of the earth's axis and also called North Geographic Pole. The direction indicated by 000° (or 360°) on the true compass rose, it is the direction of the North Pole from any place on the earth's surface.

Meaning of Compass

Compass means: Navigation instrument, either magnetic, containing a magnetized card indicating the direction to magnetic north (showing magnetic north) or gyro (showing true north).

Meaning of northern monkey

northern monkey means: Noun. A person from the North. Vaguely, anywhere north of Birmingham. Derog.

Meaning of CCN (CCC,CCS)

CCN (CCC,CCS) means: Command and Control, North. The poor SOB's who ran the ops north, instead of west, etc. There was also CCC (central) and CCS (south).

Meaning of Deviation

Deviation means: The angular difference between magnetic north and true north.

Meaning of north

north means: Noun. Mouth. Rhyming slang on North and South.

Meaning of Compass Rose

Compass Rose means: A circle on a chart, showing all 360°, indicating the direction of geographic north and sometimes also magnetic north.

Meaning of form

form means: Noun. 1. A bench. An expression from the north-west/north of England, becoming less frequently used. 2. A criminal record. {Informal}

Meaning of shit stoppers

shit stoppers means: Noun. 1. Very narrow, tight fitting jeans. [North use] 2. Tracksuit bottoms with elasticated ankles. [North use]

Meaning of True North

True North means: The direction of the geographical North Pole.

Meaning of North and South

North and South means: Mouth. I gave him a punch up the north.

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Meaning of RIFF

RIFF means: Riff is slang for a short, repeated sequence of musical notes, usually played on a guitar.

Meaning of prat

prat means: Noun. A fool, idiot or objectionable person. Originally meaning the buttocks.

Meaning of shower

shower means: Noun. A derogatory and all encompassing term for a motley group of people.

Meaning of Crater Face

Crater Face means: Mildly insulting word for woman.

Meaning of MRPH

MRPH means: Mail the Right Place for Help

Meaning of grope

grope means: n fondle (in a sexual fashion): As soon as the lights went out, Bob groped her and she kicked him in the nuts. I knew he’d do something like that eventually but I don’t think any of us expected him to do it at a funeral.

Meaning of heavy leather

heavy leather means: Extravagant leather clothing. ["My lover has gone beyond butch, and won't wear anything but heavy leather."].

Meaning of 'Bootin'

'Bootin' means: as in; Are you going Bootin? "I'm going Roller Bootin" or rollerskating

Meaning of Kosher

Kosher means: cool, sweet.

Meaning of Horse and Cart

Horse and Cart means: Fart. Have you just horse & carted?

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