Slang definition of piece of shit

piece of shit means: Noun. A contemptible person.

What is the slang definition/meaning of piece of shit?

piece of shit means: Noun. A contemptible person.

Slang meaning of piece of shit

piece of shit means: Noun. A contemptible person.

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Meaning of piece

piece means: A disliked individual. Abbreviation of 'piece of shit' or 'piece of work'. Used as e.g. "Adam is such a piece."

Meaning of PIECE OF SHIT

PIECE OF SHIT means: Piece of shit is British slang for a contemptible person.

Meaning of piece of shit

piece of shit means: Noun. A contemptible person.

Meaning of saloperie

saloperie means: piece of junk; mean trick played on someone; shit

Meaning of SHIT

SHIT means: a catchall multipurpose term, ie, a firefight was 'in the shit', a bad situation was 'deep shit', to be well prepared and alert was to have your 'shit wired tight.'

Meaning of piece

piece means: n. Also “piece of a**” (posterior) A derogatory term for a female, usually one being used for sexual favor, with derogatory intonations of a lack of emotion.  "Nah-uh, Dawg, she aint my boo. She just a piece."  2. sex.  "I’m a go over Tanisha’s and get me a piece."  3. n. a gun or weapon.  "Back off, I’m carrying a piece." 

Meaning of SHIT

SHIT means: Shit is slang for faeces. Shit is slang for nonsense.Shit is slang for a contemptible, obnoxious or worthless person. Shit is slang for defacation.Shit is slang for awful, inferior, worthless.

Meaning of PIECE

PIECE means: Piece is slang for a girl or woman regarded as an object of sexual attraction. Piece is slang for a graffiti artist's picture or art.Piece is American slang for a gun.

Meaning of shit hits the fan

shit hits the fan means: Phrs. As 'when the shit hits the fan', it warns that severe consequences will be felt when the results of actions are discovered. Alternatively, in such phrases as "the shit will hit the fan when she discovers the truth". See 'when the shit hits the fan'.

Meaning of get (one's) shit together

get (one's) shit together means: Correct personality deficiency; prepare one's self ["I wish Al would get his shit together and quit letting Bill beat him up whenever he gets drunk." "The customer expects to get up at 8 am — be sure you have your shit together."].

Meaning of saloperie de

saloperie de means: piece of shit. 1. Ah, cette saloperie de voiture.

Meaning of POS

POS means: n. Piece Of Shit. The antithesis to real bicycles, typified by Huffy, Murray, and any of a number of other bicycles that are poorly designed, manufactured, and assembled.

Meaning of Shit Cunts

Shit Cunts means: The lowest of low that will take anything & everything they chose, weather its attached to another human being or not this Spineless group of Shit Cunts are usually so far beneath our feet that we cant see them until they want something of yours then you will see them coming but most of the year they are hibertnating in there awesome little world with there small heads up another shit cunts ass waiting there next Lowlife pathetic shit cunt move to rip off there best mate or there own Mother if they could, these scum are so low they would steal your great grand ma

Meaning of shit christ

shit christ means: Usually used in a time of disgusted disbelief, "Shit-Christ Steve, what were you thinking?" or "Shit-Christ, what am I supposed to do now?" Originally used by a legendary college football coach in Minnesota, USA, when his players would make mistakes.

Meaning of spidoinks

spidoinks means: The back page of your school jotter was designed for spidoinks, tear off a piece, chew it up and fire it at the blackboard with a ruler when the teacher's back was turned. c.f. spit balls, stolges, wasp shit.

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CREEPING JESUS means: Creeping Jesus is derogatory slang for an obsequious or servile person. Creeping Jesus is slang for a hypocritically religious person.

Meaning of GOLDARN

GOLDARN means: Goldarn is North American slang an exclamation of annoyance.

Meaning of kick the bucket

kick the bucket means: v die. I am going to assume that this refers to an important part of the hanging-yourself procedure if you don’t happen to have a chair. Somewhat informal, as you might have guessed: Jimmy says he can’t buy a car until his grandmother kicks the bucket.

Meaning of boff your ring

boff your ring means: To be sick so violently after a night out it felt like you'd thrown up your own anus. For example, "I drank 14 pints then boffed my ring!" Fairwater High School Cwmbran is the only place i've ever heard it.

Meaning of schmee

schmee means: It refers to a "slow" person, like somone does something stupid you say "you are a schmee" i dunno i think i made it up but it needs to be in here, this needs to become a reconigized slang term because my girlfriends nickname her parents gave her is schmee and i want to prove to her thats her parents way of calling her retarded. thanx" (ed: added verbatim)

Meaning of Frankie Vaughan

Frankie Vaughan means: Porn. Is there any Frankie on the telly tonight?

Meaning of Sell Out

Sell Out means: Leave quick.

Meaning of Tan Your Hide

Tan Your Hide means: Spanking. "I started raisin' Cain, an my mama said she was going to tan my hide!"

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