Slang definition of BOYS IN BLUE

BOYS IN BLUE means: Boys in blue is London Cockney rhyming slang for a state of agitation (stew).

What is the slang definition/meaning of BOYS IN BLUE?

BOYS IN BLUE means: Boys in blue is London Cockney rhyming slang for a state of agitation (stew).

Slang meaning of BOYS IN BLUE

BOYS IN BLUE means: Boys in blue is London Cockney rhyming slang for a state of agitation (stew).

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Meaning of BOYS IN BLUE

BOYS IN BLUE means: Boys in blue is London Cockney rhyming slang for a state of agitation (stew).

Meaning of blue

blue means: A reference to the notion that all homophobia would end if everyone who was gay or bisexual would turn blue (or wear a blue dot on their forehead) for just one day. This idea is duscussed in the short story "Am I Blue?" by Bruce Coville, where it is referred to as the Third Great Gay Fantasy (Am I Blue? Coming Out from the Silence, ed. Marion Dane Bauer, HarperTrophy, a short story collection for LGB youth), and in Bingo by Rita Mae Brown. Musician Tori Amos also used this reference in the song "Hey Jupiter" on Boys for Pele when she asked, "So are you gay? Are you blue?" (Tori Amos, while straight, is a great friend to the gay community and has been since she started playing in gay bars at the age of 12.).

Meaning of blue boys

blue boys means: The police.

Meaning of cackersarnie

cackersarnie means: To describe the act of pulling someone's underwear up so high that it nearly cut them in two. Quite literally cacker (shit) sarnie (sandwich). Used amongst girls and boys but mainly boys inflicting it on other boys.

Meaning of Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue means: Today 'feeling blue' means being sad or depressed. It comes from a custom that was practiced when a ship lost its captain during a voyage. The ship would fly blue flags and have a blue band painted along her hull when she returned to port.

Meaning of bluebottle

bluebottle means: The police. blue boys: the police.

Meaning of Blue

Blue means: A mistake or error. e.g. "You made a real blue getting friendly with that bunch of characters!" 2. Quarrel, dispute, tiff. e.g. "I'd leave him alone mate if I was you, he just had a blue with his missus"

Meaning of BLUE

BLUE means: Blue is slang for Phenobarbital. Blue is slang for a policeman.Blue is Australian slang for a fight or argument.

Meaning of blue-blood

blue-blood means: Rich, upper class. Portia Carr is such a blue-blood herself she only talks to other blue-bloods.

Meaning of blue

blue means: (1) A physical fight or heated argument (i.e. verbal or fisticuffs). Used for example as "turn on a blue", "Joey and Mac had a real Blue last night. Joey needed stitches!" (2) Nickname for any male person with red hair. Also used as pet name for red cattle dogs.


WEARING THE BLUE means: Delayed by car inspectors. A blue flag or blue light is placed on cars thus delayed and being worked on

Meaning of willy operation

willy operation means: A group of pre-pubescent boys, while in a state of undress before/after a sports lesson, spy a victim (usually a rather weak ginger specimen). The victim would be changing, and when his "willy" became exposed the boys would descend upon him, grab his "willy", pull it and twist it, and when the victim cried "mercy" the troupe of boys would holler a collective triumphant "willy operation". Because of the nature of the exercise, it was only a matter of years before such activity was frowned upon and scorned as "gaywork". The younger boys or "juvies" who continued the practice were looked down upon as being too young to know better.

Meaning of cabin boy

cabin boy means: Boys as young as ten or 12 years old served aboard ships. While at sea, boys lived with adult crewmembers, ate and slept with, served their needs. The use of cabin boys as sexual partners was common place aboard ships, but was not universally accepted.

Meaning of boot boys

boot boys means: Tough guy, 'Hard case'. Orginating from the Skin/Suedehead era. The name was orginally another name for a skinhead who wore Doc Marten boots but lasted into the mid to late 70's. For instance a group of young lads who wanted to sound or act tough might call themselves 'The Victoria Park Boot Boys', The book 'Boot boys' by Richard Allen was a big seller in the early 70's, the story of an ex skinhead who still enjoys a spot of aggro.

Meaning of BLUE PIGEON

BLUE PIGEON means: Blue pigeon was slang for a thief who specialises in stealing the lead from roofs. Blue pigeon was slang for small cut−offs of lead which were taken away from a job and sold as a perk by plumbers.

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Meaning of smart-arse

smart-arse means: Noun. A person who smuggly displays their intelligence.

Meaning of uni

uni means: University

Meaning of juvie

juvie means: Juvenile court or detention center. Then they hauled me into juvey.

Meaning of ballers

ballers means: People who like to ball, screw, fuck.

Meaning of Adam's Ale

Adam's Ale means: Water.

Meaning of GENERAL

GENERAL means: Yardmaster, abbreviated Y.M.

Meaning of bootie

bootie means: The buttocks. I heard Lester got the boot and is looking for a new job.

Meaning of squeeze

squeeze means: Girlfriend. He squealed on his buddies and got them in trouble.

Meaning of shades

shades means: sunglasses

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