Slang definition of Steph in Boots

Steph in Boots means: Works at Dundee

What is the slang definition/meaning of Steph in Boots?

Steph in Boots means: Works at Dundee

Slang meaning of Steph in Boots

Steph in Boots means: Works at Dundee

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Meaning of Steph in Boots

Steph in Boots means: Works at Dundee

Meaning of CFM's, CFM boots

CFM's, CFM boots means: Come Fuck Me boots; used when a woman wears long boots and a short skirt.

Meaning of ugg boots | ugh boots

ugg boots | ugh boots means: soft sheepskin boots that originated in Australia

Meaning of Wellingtons

Wellingtons means: n rubber boots; galoshes. A contraction of the term “Wellington boots,” which was the inventive name given to boots made popular by the Duke of Wellington. The further abbreviation “wellies” is also in common use.


BOVVER BOOTS means: Bovver boots is British slang for heavy boots worn by some teenage youths in Britain, and used in gang fights.

Meaning of KINKY BOOTS

KINKY BOOTS means: Kinky boots is British slang for women's knee or thigh−length leather boots.

Meaning of Boots and all

Boots and all means: Wholehearted, entirely, completely. e.g. "Dave wasn't kidding about writing a book, he went into it boots and all"

Meaning of bovver-boots

bovver-boots means: Big boots worn by punks and hard-cases.. most often Dr Martens.

Meaning of Mud Pipes

Mud Pipes means: Any kind of boots or shoes, but mostly applied to riding-boots.


PUT THE BOOTS TO means: Put the boots to is American tramp slang for to have sexual intercourse


GOT ONES BOOTS ON means: Got ones boots on is Black−American slang for to be wise, hip.

Meaning of MGB's

MGB's means: Alternative name for "Jesus Boots" MGB = Moses Getaway Boots.


BET YOUR BOOTS means: Bet your boots is British slang for a certainty.

Meaning of BOOTS

BOOTS means: Boots is British slang for tyres.

Meaning of cossock (sabots)

cossock (sabots) means: old rubber boots cut at the ankle, used during the summer period (usually after the winter season, people would cut the legs of their boots at the ankle)

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Meaning of e-bitch

e-bitch means: To complain to a company via their web site's contact button.

Meaning of call on the carpet

call on the carpet means: To scold, chastise. The third time Winfred was late for work the boss called him out on the carpet.

Meaning of hookey (playing ...)

hookey (playing ...) means: Not going to school on a regular school day. Once thought of generally as a tool for boys wanting to go fishing, now generalized into skipping out of school for any or no reason. Today this would be marked as an "unexcused absence". Playing hookey has come to be generalized from the school world into the general working world - one can call in sick and really be playing hookey.

Meaning of butt-load

butt-load means: An abundance. ("He has a butt- load of money.").

Meaning of face cream

face cream means: Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm.

Meaning of FIR

FIR means: marijuana

Meaning of PEEPER

PEEPER means: MDMA user

Meaning of TURNED ON

TURNED ON means: under influence of drugs

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