Slang definition of oh baby

oh baby means: slang for sexy

What is the slang definition/meaning of oh baby?

oh baby means: slang for sexy

Slang meaning of oh baby

oh baby means: slang for sexy

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Meaning of baby daddy

baby daddy means: a male, often a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. Most often means the father of, or someone who provides for, a female's child. Derived from  "He is my baby's daddy. When my baby daddy get back, he'll bust you in your grill!"  Lyrical reference: JOE LYRICS - Ain't Nothin' Like Me  Your man fiance trick ya baby daddy... 

Meaning of wet the baby's head

wet the baby's head means: Vrb phrs. To celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink of alcohol or more usually an excuse for a drinking spree. E.g."Congratulations Bill! How about we go out tonight to wet the baby's head?"

Meaning of baby discovers

baby discovers means: Exclamation said when reacting with an expression as that of an infant. " A new baby buggy? Baby discovers!"


DOORSTEP BABY means: Doorstep baby is slang for a foundling, an illegitimate or unwanted baby.

Meaning of Baby

Baby means: A term of endearment.Hey, "baby," I got some bread, lets paint the town.

Meaning of BABY

BABY means: Baby is slang for a young woman or sweetheart. It is often used as a term of address expressing affection.

Meaning of Bubby

Bubby means: A baby, usually spoken in reference to a new born baby

Meaning of baby gravy

baby gravy means: Noun. Semen. Cf. 'baby batter'

Meaning of baby batter

baby batter means: Noun. Semen. Cf. 'baby gravy'

Meaning of BABY'S PAP

BABY'S PAP means: Baby's pap is London Cockney rhyming slang for cap.

Meaning of baby

baby means: Affectionate term of address for either sex. Come on, baby, let's go home.


BABY MAMA BABY DADDY means: A person you had a child with.


BABY MAMA BABY DADDY means: A person you had a child with.

Meaning of BABY POP

BABY POP means: Baby pop is American slang for a young man.

Meaning of baby-doll

baby-doll means: Female appellation. She's my baby and I'd do anything for her.

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Meaning of A SODA

A SODA means: A soda is Australian slang for something easily done; a pushover.

Meaning of deek

deek means: Noun. A look, a glance. E.g."Give me a deek at your magazine." [Yorkshire use/ North-east use?]

Meaning of cakes

cakes means: A female that has a large and voluptuous backside.  "Oh, girl right there got cakes!" 

Meaning of bush patrol

bush patrol means: Cruising the parks and beaches for chance meetings with other men for sex.

Meaning of discreet

discreet means: A promise not to mention your existence to others. It implies the person lives with others who do not know he is gay, and wants you to be careful in how you word any messages you leave.

Meaning of Mork And Mindy

Mork And Mindy means: Windy

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