Slang definition of C−NOTE

C−NOTE means: C−note is slang for one hundred pounds, one hundred dollars.

What is the slang definition/meaning of C−NOTE?

C−NOTE means: C−note is slang for one hundred pounds, one hundred dollars.

Slang meaning of C−NOTE

C−NOTE means: C−note is slang for one hundred pounds, one hundred dollars.

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Meaning of Bent as a nine-bob note

Bent as a nine-bob note means:  Metaphor for dishonesty or corruption that references the nine-schilling (bob) note, which does not exist and must therefore be counterfeit.“That street vendor selling watches is bent as a nine-bob note.”

Meaning of white note

white note means: Used in the fifties in Owens's School at the Angel Islington as a term for visiting the lavatory.I.e. You raised your hand in class and said "Please sir can I have a white note" If you wanted to visit there. (contrib. not sure what a white note itself was :))

Meaning of NINE−BOB NOTE

NINE−BOB NOTE means: Nine−bob note is British slang for a homosexual. Nine−bob note is British slang for a sexual deviant.Nine−bob note is British slang for something fake, counterfeit or crooked.

Meaning of queer as a nine bob note

queer as a nine bob note means: Phrs. 1. Very odd, unusual. 2. Undoubtedly homosexual. Cf. 'bent as a nine bob note'.

Meaning of Big Note

Big Note means: An embellished voice of self importance or esteem. e.g. "Choof off mate will you, I'm sick of hearing you big note yourself"

Meaning of bent as a nine bob note

bent as a nine bob note means: Phrs. 1. Homosexual. See 'bent'. 2. Crooked, dishonest. A catch-phrase whose original meaning was version 2, but with the onset of 'bent' referring to homosexually has come to be heard more with regard to version 1. In British currency, a bob was a slang expression for a shilling (five pence) but with decimalization in 1971 became obsolete.There was never any such thing as a nine bob note, hence the simile. Cf. 'queer as a nine bob note' and 'camp as a row of tents'.

Meaning of Carry On

Carry On means: An order which means to continue on your normal duties. When ordered through a Boatswain's Call it is one second of high note followed by one second of low note.

Meaning of NOTE

NOTE means: Note is British slang for one pound sterling.

Meaning of c-note

c-note means: Describing a $100 bill.  "I'll give you a c-note for that iPod." 

Meaning of Gunsel

Gunsel means: Gunman (Hammett is responsible for this use; see note Catamite “1. (p) A male oral sodomist, or passive pederast. 2. A brat. 3. (By extension) An informer; a weasel; an unscrupulous person.” (Underworld) Note Yiddish “ganzl” = gosling

Meaning of NICKEL NOTE

NICKEL NOTE means: Nickel note is Black−American slang for a five dollar bill.

Meaning of POUND NOTE

POUND NOTE means: Pound note was old London Cockney rhyming slang for coat.

Meaning of bent as a nine pound note

bent as a nine pound note means: Phrs. A modern variation on 'bent as a nine bob note', see above.

Meaning of BIG−NOTE

BIG−NOTE means: Big−note is Australian slang for to boast or praise.

Meaning of Pipe the Side

Pipe the Side means: A salute performed with a Boatswain's Call when an honoured visitor or a Flag Officer comes aboard the ship. To be done properly it should be 12 seconds long, and is formed by a low note, then a four second high note, and closing with another low note. The transitions between low and high should be very smooth. To accomplish this, the sailor must take a very long deep breath prior to beginning; failure to do so will cause the pipe to be abruptly cut short. The side is also piped for Royalty, the Accused when entering a Court Martial and for the Officer of the Guard (When the Guard is formed up).

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Meaning of DIB

DIB means: Dib is slang for a contribution, portion or amount of money.Dib is British slang for a partly−smoked cigarette, extinguished and saved for later.

Meaning of DUST

DUST means: Dust is English slang for to run away very fast. Dust is British building slang for cement.Dust is slang for phencyclidine. Dust is American slang for to kill.

Meaning of SHUT EYE

SHUT EYE means: Shut eye is British slang for constipation.

Meaning of botch (up)

botch (up) means: Verb. 1. To build or repair in a makeshift manner. 2. To do something badly. Noun. 1. A makeshift construction or repair. 2. A thing done badly. * All the meanings and uses of 'botch' are informal. Cf. 'bodge'.

Meaning of dude

dude means: A guy. The dudes are in the living room and the gals, in the kitchen.

Meaning of Charlie

Charlie means: cocaine

Meaning of anklebiter

anklebiter means: Small child.

Meaning of Hoboken special

Hoboken special means: Pineapple soda with chocolate ice cream

Meaning of folding/folding stuff/folding money/folding green

folding/folding stuff/folding money/folding green means: banknotes, especially to differentiate or emphasise an amount of money as would be impractical to carry or pay in coins, typically for a night out or to settle a bill. Folding, folding stuff and folding money are all popular slang in London. Folding green is more American than UK slang. Cassells says these were first recorded in the 1930s, and suggests they all originated in the US, which might be true given that banknotes arguably entered very wide use earlier in the US than in the UK. (Thanks P Jones, June 2008)

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