Slang definition of Furry Muff

Furry Muff means: Breasts.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Furry Muff?

Furry Muff means: Breasts.

Slang meaning of Furry Muff

Furry Muff means: Breasts.

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Meaning of hairy muff!

hairy muff! means: Exclam. O.K., that's reasonable! A pun on fair enough. Cf 'furry muff', 'fairy snuff'.

Meaning of fairy snuff !

fairy snuff ! means: Exclam. That's reasonable! A pun on fair enough. Cf 'furry muff' and ''hairy muff'.

Meaning of Furry Muff

Furry Muff means: Breasts.

Meaning of furry muff !

furry muff ! means: Exclam. That's reasonable! A pun on fair enough. Cf. 'fairy snuff'.

Meaning of drink from the furry cup

drink from the furry cup means: Vrb phrs. To perform cunnilingus. See 'furry cup'.

Meaning of muff diving

muff diving means: n Oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva. muff diver n: 1. Any person who performs cunnilingus. 2. A lesbian.

Meaning of FURRY CUP

FURRY CUP means: Furry cup is British slang for the vagina.

Meaning of beaver

beaver means: (1) Large amphibious broad tailed furry rodent of the North Americas. (2) Occasionally large, nearly always furry, sometimes wet, always attached to a woman, also referred to as the pussy, snatch or even quim. The later of those definitions being commonly used in the U.K. Makes phrases such as "I got attacked by a Beaver in the woods" a million times more humourous.


FURRY MONKEY means: Furry monkey is slang for the vagina.

Meaning of muff

muff means: Female genitals or, more especially, female pubic hair, esp when related to performing oral sex on a female, e.g. "chinning the muff". (ed: the following entered verbatim) Sometime during the mid to late 1960's, in Pasadena, California USA, there was an auto muffler shop called "American Muffler". On their sign, and on gimme hats and T-shirts they sold, it said, "American Muffler - the friendly muffler shop - "No Muff Too Tough... We Dive 'Till 5". By 1970 the shop changed hands, and the motto was painted out, never to be seen again. There was, at the time, a very tall, buff butch Lesbian working there. However, she didn't do mufflers, only tune-ups and oil changes. She was very good with the sucky Lucas electricals of the egregious English cars that infested California at the time, especially MG's and Jag's. I can't tell her name but she is still about.

Meaning of furry cup

furry cup means: Noun. The vagina.

Meaning of Hairy Muff

Hairy Muff means: Fair Enough

Meaning of muff, muffin

muff, muffin means: n The vulva.

Meaning of muff

muff means: Pubic hair.

Meaning of rats with furry tails

rats with furry tails means: Noun. Squirrels.

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Meaning of CHOKED

CHOKED means: Choked is British slang for to be upset, disappointed.

Meaning of PRONTO

PRONTO means: Pronto is slang for now or immediately.

Meaning of plook

plook means: Noun. A spot, boil, 'zit'. Also spelt pluke. [Mainly Scottish use]

Meaning of pork

pork means: Verb. To have sexual intercourse.

Meaning of psycho

psycho means: A crazy person. Lila is a psycho who should be in a hospital.

Meaning of fucknuckle

fucknuckle means: A stupid clumsy or unpleasant person.

Meaning of double entry

double entry means: Anal intercourse with the two men simultaneously fucking the same pasive partner. [double entry is a rare style of anal interourse due to its difficulty.].

Meaning of CYL

CYL means: See you later

Meaning of afters

afters means: dessert, sweet dish eaten after the main course of a meal

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