Slang definition of KISS

KISS means: Keep It Simple Stupid

What is the slang definition/meaning of KISS?

KISS means: Keep It Simple Stupid

Slang meaning of KISS

KISS means: Keep It Simple Stupid

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Meaning of kiss

kiss means: Kissing Is Strictly Suppressed [he lives by KISS, fuck me, suck me, eat me, beat me, but don't kiss me for I am straight.].

Meaning of pash

pash means: to kiss passionately. usually used to describe a FRENCH KISS or kiss where the toungue is used

Meaning of pash

pash means: to kiss passionately. usually used to describe a FRENCH KISS or kiss where the toungue is used

Meaning of FRENCH KISS

FRENCH KISS means: French kiss is slang for an open−mouthed kiss with tongue contact.

Meaning of SOUL KISS

SOUL KISS means: Soul kiss was mid th century American slang for a deep kiss.

Meaning of TA−TA KISS

TA−TA KISS means: Ta−ta kiss is London Cockney rhyming slang for teasing (taking the piss).

Meaning of KISS OFF

KISS OFF means: Kiss off is American and Candian slang for to ignore or dismiss rudely and abruptly.

Meaning of Aussie kiss

Aussie kiss means: Noun. Cunnilingus, from the fact that it's the same a French Kiss, but given down under.

Meaning of aussie kiss

aussie kiss means: Oral sex. Similar in the actions to a French kiss, but given 'down under'.

Meaning of bas

bas means: (Baz) to kiss; “baz marbles” (an express ion to kiss marble before throwing)

Meaning of kiss off

kiss off means: Leave, dismiss, kill. Why don't you just kiss off if you don't want to work.

Meaning of Snough

Snough means: To make out, kiss passionately; French kiss

Meaning of rouler une pelle

rouler une pelle means: French kiss; tongue kiss

Meaning of KISS UP

KISS UP means: Kiss up is American slang for to behave like a sycophant.

Meaning of pash

pash means: A kiss, a long passionate kiss.

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Meaning of CALBO

CALBO means: Calbo is slang for heroin.

Meaning of SKINK

SKINK means: Skink is derogatory Black British slang for a white person.

Meaning of Crap

Crap means: - The same word in both countries - but less rude here. I loved watching Brits being interviewed on US chat shows and embarrassing the interviewer when they said something was "total crap".

Meaning of AFINIAFI

AFINIAFI means: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Meaning of u8

u8 means: you ate?

Meaning of White cow

White cow means: Vanilla milkshake

Meaning of Cavort

Cavort means: To frolic or prance about, to be lively, having fun.


FLYING SAUCERS means: morning glory seeds

Meaning of LOVER’S SPEED


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