Slang definition of DA

DA means: Da is Dorset slang for to.

What is the slang definition/meaning of DA?

DA means: Da is Dorset slang for to.

Slang meaning of DA

DA means: Da is Dorset slang for to.

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ROLLING BILLOW means: Rolling billow is London Cockney rhyming slang for pillow.

Meaning of Bleeding

Bleeding means: An alternative to the word bloody. You'll hear people say "bleeding hell" or "not bleeding likely" for example.

Meaning of donald

donald means: Rhyming slang: Donald Ducked = fucked, in the sense of broken, knackered. As in "This computer's totally donald".

Meaning of grass

grass means: (1) marijuana (2) to inform authority about an individuals transgression of a rule; i.e. to grass someone up, to grass on someone, "you better not grass me up".

Meaning of nooky

nooky means: One that is not an anal virgin, that has been fucked.

Meaning of Stevedore

Stevedore means: A man employed in loading and unloading vessels

Meaning of POP

POP means: To let safety valve on boiler release, causing waste of steam, making a loud noise, and, when engine is working hard, raising water in boiler, thereby causing locomotive to work water

Meaning of Joint

Joint means: , (joynt) n., A marijuana cigarette.  “He rolled a joint.”   [Etym., 30’s drug sub-culture]

Meaning of k/K

k/K means: a thousand (£1,000 or $1,000). From the 1960s, becoming widely used in the 1970s. Plural uses singular form. 'K' has now mainly replaced 'G' in common speech and especially among middle and professional classes. While some etymology sources suggest that 'k' (obviously pronounced 'kay') is from business-speak and underworld language derived from the K abbreviation of kilograms, kilometres, I am inclined to prefer the derivation (suggested to me by Terry Davies) that K instead originates from computer-speak in the early 1970s, from the abbreviation of kilobytes. For Terry's detailed and fascinating explanation of the history of K see the ' K' entry on the cliches and words origins page.

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