Slang definition of DEATH WARMED UP

DEATH WARMED UP means: Death warmed up is British slang for very ill, very tired.

What is the slang definition/meaning of DEATH WARMED UP?

DEATH WARMED UP means: Death warmed up is British slang for very ill, very tired.

Slang meaning of DEATH WARMED UP

DEATH WARMED UP means: Death warmed up is British slang for very ill, very tired.

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DEATH WARMED UP means: Death warmed up is British slang for very ill, very tired.

Meaning of look like death warmed up

look like death warmed up means: Vrb phrs. To look very pale and sickly.

Meaning of bludgeon

bludgeon means: (1) to beat, normally until death, to death with a heavy object (original meaning) (2) claim dole, or otherwise feed off society but contribute nothing,

Meaning of KING DEATH

KING DEATH means: King Death is London Cockney rhyming slang for breath.


SUDDEN DEATH means: Sudden death is American slang for a potent alcoholic drink.


LIFE AND DEATH means: Life and death is London Cockney rhyming slang for breath.

Meaning of à l’article de la mort

à l’article de la mort means: at death’s door; close to death (lit.: at the article of death)

Meaning of KISS OF DEATH

KISS OF DEATH means: Kiss of death is slang for condeming to certain doom or failure.

Meaning of Black Spot

Black Spot means: To "place the Black Spot" on another pirate is to sentence him to death, to warn him he is marked for death, or sometimes just to accuse him of a serious crime before other pirates.

Meaning of Death adder in your pocket

Death adder in your pocket means: Mean, stingy, tight. (Generally used in reference to money) e.g. "What do you mean you're not paying, it's your shout. The way you're carrying on, I think you've got a death adder in your pocket!"

Meaning of DEATH SEAT

DEATH SEAT means: Death seat is American and Australian slang for the seat beside the driver of a vehicle.

Meaning of bitter

bitter means: n proper beer, made with hops and served at room temperature (not actually warmed, contrary to popular opinion). The European/American fizzy lager shite is not real beer.


ACCELERATED DEATH BENEFITS means: Accelerated death benefits is insurance industry slang for a policyholder's option to use cash benefits from life insurance to finance medical care during serious illness.

Meaning of onanism

onanism means: An old term for masturbation, taken from Onan's refusal to impregnate his sisten-in-law. Since Onan was put to death, ultra- (and misled) literalists have condemned masturbation as a deadly sin and frightened millions of teenage boys with the threat of death if they jerked off. Recent studies have shown that at least 80% of teenage boys masturbate.

Meaning of Big one, The

Big one, The means: Death

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Meaning of HOOLIVAN

HOOLIVAN means: Hoolivan is slang for a police van with protective grills for use in riots against hooligans.

Meaning of SCAMP

SCAMP means: Scamp is slang for to perform in a hasty, neglectful, or imperfect manner; to do superficially.

Meaning of TEA

TEA means: Tea is old American and Canadian slang for marijuana. Tea is old slang for alcoholic liquor.

Meaning of tear-arse about / around

tear-arse about / around means: Verb. To hurry about, hinting at frantic haste. E.g."I've been tear-arsing about from one meeting to the next and without a break all day."

Meaning of Hermiting

Hermiting means: Hanging out alone, keeping to yourself. I haven't seen Dave for a while, he must be hermiting". Dereived from the word "hermit" which describes a person who perfers to be alone or stay out of public.

Meaning of IWALU

IWALU means: I Will Always Love You

Meaning of vibes

vibes means: Feeling, sense of something. I get good vibes from the new secretary.


ROCK/ ROCK THE HOUSE means: A prison

Meaning of Pushover

Pushover means: A person easily convinced or seduced.

Meaning of Heave In Sight

Heave In Sight means: To come in sight, to appear. A nautical phrase that originated with approaching vessels which appeared to raise or heave itself above the horizon.

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