Slang definition of punk

punk means: Incense. What kind of punk are you burning, man?

What is the slang definition/meaning of punk?

punk means: Incense. What kind of punk are you burning, man?

Slang meaning of punk

punk ( n ) means: Incense. What kind of punk are you burning, man?

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Meaning of Punk

Punk means: , (punk) n., A person into the punk music scene; a coward; someone who deliberately attempts to annoy.  “I knew he’d turn out to be a punk.”  [Etym., 80’s youth]

Meaning of PUNK

PUNK means: Punk is slang for a bumptious but insignificant, contemptible person.Punk is slang for an adherent of a youth sub−culture centered around 'punk rock' music.

Meaning of punk

punk means: n 1. A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group. 2. A young man who is the sexual partner of an older man. 3. A prostitute. 4. Music a. Punk Rock . b. A punk rocker.

Meaning of punk

punk means: (v.) Steal or take something.  "Did you punk the last ding-dong?" "I heard Gena's car got punked." 

Meaning of PUNK AND GUT

PUNK AND GUT means: Punk and gut is American tramp slang for bread and cheese

Meaning of punk

punk means: Incense. What kind of punk are you burning, man?

Meaning of punk

punk means: To embarrass. What kind of punk are you burning, man?

Meaning of punk

punk means: Noun. 1. A raw minimal type of rock music born on the streets in 1976 and spawning 'thrash', 'indie', and 'grunge'. The associated fashions evolving into a stereotypical brightly coloured mohican haircut, scruffy black clothes, metal studs, belts and boots. 2. A person of either sex who wears the fashions of 'punk' and enjoys listening to 'punk' rock. Cf. 'punkette'. Verb. To humiliate, to tease, to disrespect someone. E.g."I dont like him at all, after that time he'd punked me all night."

Meaning of PUNK ROCKER

PUNK ROCKER means: Punk Rocker is slang for heroin with cocaine, with crack, with Ecstasy (MDMA), or with LSD and marijuana.

Meaning of Hardcore

Hardcore means: Has 3 different meanings Hardcore punk. The punk of the eighties associated with mohawk haircuts and apocaliptic lyrics Hardcore pornography Showing everything including penetration and oral sex. Hardcore - Extreme

Meaning of The Punks

The Punks means: Social Group hanging on to 70's punk scene with a vengance. Wore plaid peg leg pants with buckles and straps, combat boots, brightly colored hair usually spiked in some manner, ripped Punk Band T-Shirt of choice- preferably not washed in ages, Leather, dog chains, piercings and generally walked around with a pissed off appearance. Sid Vicious was their hero and the Sex Pistols were the music of choice. Additionally listened to early Clash, Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, and The Dead Kennedy's to name a few.

Meaning of sex boy

sex boy means: Punk.

Meaning of voyou

voyou means: punk; hoodlum

Meaning of to punk someone

to punk someone means: 1. to trick someone 2. to disrespect someone

Meaning of punk

punk means: Prison prostitute.

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BRICK IN ONE'S HAT means: To have a brick in one's hat is slang for to be drunk.

Meaning of SPIT

SPIT means: Spit is American slang for rubbish, nonsense. Spit is American slang for nothing.

Meaning of SPUDS

SPUDS means: Spuds is slang for potatoes.

Meaning of fucktard

fucktard means: Noun. A contemptible person, an idiot. Probably a combined form of fucking retard. [Orig U.S.]

Meaning of north

north means: Noun. Mouth. Rhyming slang on North and South.

Meaning of Take a Rain Check

Take a Rain Check means: Used to politely decline an event with someone, but indicates that they will join them another time. Example: "Hey, do you want to go have a beer?" "No, I better take a rain check."

Meaning of nasty

nasty means: A word used to describe something that is ridiculously good or someone who is excellent in what they do.  "Kobe was nasty on that basketball court last night." 

Meaning of Bitch'n

Bitch'n means: awsome

Meaning of quishin

quishin means: a cushion; name of a dance

Meaning of Downy

Downy means:     Cunning, false.

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