Slang definition of snuff

snuff means: To hit; to punch. He snuffed me when I turned around to walk away!

What is the slang definition/meaning of snuff?

snuff means: To hit; to punch. He snuffed me when I turned around to walk away!

Slang meaning of snuff

snuff ( v ) means: To hit; to punch. He snuffed me when I turned around to walk away!

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SNUFF DIPPERS means: Coal-burning engines that burn lignite (which, on the Missouri Pacific at least, is the same color as snuff)

Meaning of SNUFF

SNUFF means: Snuff is slang for to die. Snuff is slang for to kill.Snuff is slang for to sniff cocaine. Snuff is slang for cocaine.

Meaning of UP TO SNUFF

UP TO SNUFF means: Up to snuff is slang for not likely to be imposed upon; knowing; acute.

Meaning of SNUFF OUT

SNUFF OUT means: Snuff out is slang for kill, murder.

Meaning of SNUFF IT

SNUFF IT means: Snuff it is British slang for to die.

Meaning of Dip Snuff

Dip Snuff means: A manner of using tobacco, generally by wetting a small stick and dipping it into snuff (tobacco) and placing in the mouth. Sometimes tied in a small bag to chew it.

Meaning of snuff movie

snuff movie means: Noun. A violent movie showing real murders or torture. Snuff meaning to murder or a murder.


SNUFF DIPPING means: Snuff dipping is slang for chewing tobacco.

Meaning of Snuff and Eye Jammy

Snuff and Eye Jammy means: 'Snuff' is to punch someone. 'Eye Jammy' is the resulting black eye.

Meaning of SNUFF MOVIE

SNUFF MOVIE means: Snuff movie is slang for a violent movie showing real murders.

Meaning of Up To Snuff

Up To Snuff means: To be flash, to be shrewd.

Meaning of Dipping

Dipping means: Chewing snuff.

Meaning of Rappee

Rappee means: An inferior quality of snuff.

Meaning of Up to Speed, or Up to Snuff

Up to Speed, or Up to Snuff means: To understand or to know what’s going on.

Meaning of snuff

snuff means: To kill. He ratted on the mob and they snuffed him.

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Meaning of DIVE

DIVE means: Dive is slang for an unpleasant place or a place of low resort; a disreputable bar or nightclub; a dingy hotel; a joint. Dive is slang for cunnilingus.Dive is soccer slang for a feigned foul.

Meaning of SUNDOWNER

SUNDOWNER means: Sundowner is British slang for an early evening drink.Sundowner is Australian and New Zealand slang for a tramp, especially one who seeks food andlodging at sundown when it is too late to work. Sundowner is New Zealand slang for a lazy sheepdog.

Meaning of ZEPPELIN

ZEPPELIN means: Zeppelin is slang for a large cannabis cigarette. Zeppelin is slang for a large penis.

Meaning of wankered

wankered means: Adj. Very intoxicated.

Meaning of Fag Ash Lil

Fag Ash Lil means: Cigarette

Meaning of @TEOTD

@TEOTD means: At The End Of The Day

Meaning of gippo (2)

gippo (2) means: To skip class or stay away from school

Meaning of Soap-Lock

Soap-Lock means: A lock of hair made to lie smooth by soaping it.

Meaning of skootchie

skootchie means: An ugly female (offensive). Hey, Rube, take a gander at the legs on that skirt over there.

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