Slang definition of crunk

crunk means: "see krunk." 

What is the slang definition/meaning of crunk?

crunk means: "see krunk." 

Slang meaning of crunk

crunk means: "see krunk." 

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Meaning of crunk

crunk means: Something fun, spirited, and/or very popular i.e. - Let's get this party crunk! , Crunk is one of those words used mostly in hip-hop; Keep it crunk. (ed: really???)

Meaning of crunk

crunk means: Crazy, insane. The scene at the club last night was totally crunk.

Meaning of Crunk

Crunk means: Somthing that is cool or hip. Ex: "This party is gunna be crunk."

Meaning of bunk

bunk means: Another old word with a new lease of life. Used to mean not good. e.g. a fire cracker that wont pop, or a hooter that won't get you high. e.g. "They told me that club was Crunk but it was Bunk as hell. (ed: Crunk?? Hooter what the hell is that all about??).

Meaning of crunk

crunk means: "see krunk." 

Meaning of Crunk

Crunk means: hyped up , bout it , excited

Meaning of crunk

crunk means: Crazy, insane. Bertie is someone you can count on in a crunch.

Meaning of crunk

crunk means: 1. Very fun, exciting, cool, awesome 2. To be under the alcohol and marijuana at the same time

Meaning of crush

crush means: An infatuation. The scene at the club last night was totally crunk.

Meaning of Wizard

Wizard means: See: Awesome, Bad, Bitchin', Bombdigity, Bomb, Bonus, Bulk, Choice, Crunk, Cool, Grouse.

Meaning of Crunk

Crunk means: 1) a replacement for foul curse words (popularized by a joke on Conan O'Brien); 2) a combination of crazy and drunk, meaning crazy drunk (may also refer to people who are high); 3) a style of rap music popular in the South; 4) something at a high level (e.g., volume) or something awesome; 5) to have a good time

Meaning of smoked out

smoked out means: adv. to be high from smoking an excessive amount of weed.  "If we are smoked-out, then hip hop is going to be ‘smoked-out’. ~Mos Deff quote from the album Black on Both Sides."  Lyrical reference: THREE 6 MAFIA - Smoked-Out  I’m smoked out snorted out drunken and blown getting crunk in that mode Twista gotta stay high smokin’ skunk till I'm old 

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Meaning of RIT

RIT means: Rit is slang for the drug Ritalin.

Meaning of harry (monk)

harry (monk) means: Noun. Semen. Rhyming slang on 'spunk'.

Meaning of Arse End of Nowhere

Arse End of Nowhere means: Distant, remote place

Meaning of Fruity

Fruity means: To rub against in a sexual way

Meaning of sirius black

sirius black means: someone who is extremely attractive or Sexy.  "“Oh girl right there is Sirius Black.”" 

Meaning of trabs

trabs means: Trainers.

Meaning of bush patrol

bush patrol means: Cruising the parks and beaches for chance meetings with other men for sex.

Meaning of frigger

frigger means: swear work in lesser form

Meaning of goose

goose means: A poke between the buttocks. Don't be so goopy; go along with the others.

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