Slang definition of poop dick

poop dick means: Must have gone in too far ed: what the frock is this about??

What is the slang definition/meaning of poop dick?

poop dick means: Must have gone in too far ed: what the frock is this about??

Slang meaning of poop dick

poop dick means: Must have gone in too far ed: what the frock is this about??

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Meaning of poop dick

poop dick means: Must have gone in too far ed: what the frock is this about??

Meaning of POOP

POOP means: Poop is slang for to emit wind from the anus, to fart. Poop is slang for excrement.Poop is American and Canadian slang for information; the facts.

Meaning of poop

poop means: n 1. Inside information: She gave me all the poop on the company party. 2. A person regarded as very disagreeable. 3. Excrement. intr.v. pooped, pooping, poops To defecate.Idiompoop out 1. To quit because of exhaustion: poop out of a race. 2. To decide not to participate, especially at the last moment.

Meaning of Poop deck

Poop deck means: The deck forming the roof of a poop or poop cabin, built on the upper deck and extending from the mizzenmast aft.

Meaning of DICK

DICK means: Dick is slang for a detective. Dick is slang for penis.Dick is slang for a fool. Dick is slang for nothing.Dick is slang for to have sex with. Dick is British slang for to look at. Dick is slang for to mess around with.

Meaning of poopy dollar

poopy dollar means: Game where one places poop (preferable dog poop), on the back of a dollar (higher if desired) bill and placed on the ground (traveled sidewalk). From a distance, one looks on as people will look down to take the dollar and realize that poop is on it and it gets all over their hands, purse, pocket, etc ... fun game, but is assocated with a fine by the police as "spreading rubbish" ... if you get caught, pay only the $299 of the $300 fine, because they will keep your $1.

Meaning of pin dick

pin dick means: Insulting reference to the size of th penis. Often used towards young boys , grade 8's in high school etc.. Used as "Here comes a group of pinlies", "Don't be a pin dick!", "He's such a pin." Also used to 'pay out' on people, e.g. "He's got a pin dick!".

Meaning of HOT POOP

HOT POOP means: Hot poop is slang for the latest news.

Meaning of wad (2)

wad (2) means: Entered verbatim: This word was very versatile. It could be used on its one to describe an idiot, fool or any other hated type of person. It was also commonly paired up with terms such as dick, dork, fuck and so on. To be a dick-wad, dork-wad or fuck wad was to be the lowest. Literally one was labeled a wad of dick (or whatever), in other words, a whole bunch of dick or extreme idiot. (ed: so now you know!)

Meaning of poop shute, poop shooter

poop shute, poop shooter means: (1) Anus. (2) Also used as insult as "Man, you take it up the poop shute/shooter!".

Meaning of Break of the Poop

Break of the Poop means: The forward end of a ship's after superstructure, where the poop deck descends to the upper deck.

Meaning of poop chute

poop chute means: Noun. The anus. Occasionally mispelled as poop shute. Cf. 'poo chute'

Meaning of dick skinner

dick skinner means: (1) In the US Army, a dick skinner is a doctor. It comes from when a guy would go to get cured of the clap (VD) and the doc would "skin his dick back" meaning pull the foreskin back so he could get a pus smear on a q-tip for a culture. (ed: all I can say is 'ouch') (2) The hands of someone who takes a piss but doesn't wash their hands.

Meaning of Poop Rail

Poop Rail means: A rail surrounding the poop deck.

Meaning of DIRTY DICK

DIRTY DICK means: Dirty Dick is British slang for a dirty person.Dirty Dick is London Cockney rhyming slang for a police station (nick).

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Meaning of LOBSTER

LOBSTER means: Lobster is slang for a person who is sunburnt.Lobster is a slang expression of contempt for a gullible, awkward, bungling, or undesirable person.


PARCEL BOUNCER means: Parcel bouncer is British slang for a postman.

Meaning of POODLE

POODLE means: Poodle is British slang for a slow, leisurely stroll or drive.

Meaning of Charper

Charper means: Cocaine

Meaning of bobo

bobo means: Male genitalia.

Meaning of quavin

quavin means: Nickname for someone who has yet to recieve oral sex, shortened form of Craven Moorehead. (ed: now I'm waiting for Craven to send his response!)

Meaning of Ooglay

Ooglay means: Extremely ugly.

Meaning of SHOUT OUT

SHOUT OUT means: Originally a shout were done in  early Hip Hop jams, where an MC (rapper) would shout out  people in the crowd on the microphone. Allot of shout outs were done for local gangs and thugs to give them respect so as not to have the gangs give trouble. By shouting them out, the gangstas or thugs would feel respected and cause no trouble.

Meaning of spleen

spleen means: an attack of despondency; the “blues”

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