Slang definition of tally whacker

tally whacker means: Penis.

What is the slang definition/meaning of tally whacker?

tally whacker means: Penis.

Slang meaning of tally whacker

tally whacker means: Penis.

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Meaning of tally whacker

tally whacker means: Penis.

Meaning of WHACKER

WHACKER means: Whacker is slang for an eccentric person.

Meaning of TALLY-HO

TALLY-HO means: or just "Tally" - acknowlegement by a pilot that he had visually acquired another aircraft or ground target which had been called to his attention.

Meaning of tally

tally means: to reckon, the figures so taken; to tally up one’s account

Meaning of Tally -

Tally - means: To live tally is to live as man and wife though not married.

Meaning of Whacker

Whacker means: Anything very large, same as a "whopper."

Meaning of tally-ho!

tally-ho! means: Exclam. Goodbye, a cheerful parting salutation.

Meaning of Tally

Tally means: The ribbon worn around a sailor's cap indicating his ship.

Meaning of Tally Plate

Tally Plate means: A nameplate or label attached to a piece of equipment.

Meaning of CAR KNOCKER

CAR KNOCKER means: Car inspector or car repairer-from the early custom of tapping the wheels to detect flaws. Also called car whacker; and car toad (because he squats while inspecting), car tink, and car tonk

Meaning of wally whacker

wally whacker means: noun golf term used to describe an inexpensive driver with an oversized head, like the type than can be found at walmart. otherwize refered to as a "volkswagon on a stick"

Meaning of Strimmer

Strimmer means: n Weed-Whacker. A gardening device held at waist level, with a piece of nylon cord near the ground which whips around to slice the stems of errant plants and the toenails of inebriated pensioners.

Meaning of Tally Book

Tally Book means: Book in which is kept a reckoning of items of cargo received or discharged from a hatch or vessel.

Meaning of Tally Board

Tally Board means: Board, bearing instructions, that comes to a wrecked ship with a life:saving rocket line.

Meaning of score

score means: twenty pounds (£20). From the 1900s, simply from the word 'score' meaning twenty, derived apparently from the ancient practice of counting sheep in lots of twenty, and keeping tally by cutting ('scoring') notches into a stick.

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Meaning of EARLY DOORS

EARLY DOORS means: Early doors is London Cockney rhyming slang for underpants, knickers (draws).

Meaning of HUMDINGER

HUMDINGER means: Humdinger is American slang for an excellent person or thing.

Meaning of brown trouser job

brown trouser job means: scary

Meaning of baloney

baloney means: Nonsense! That's a lot of baloney and you know it! None of it is true.

Meaning of rooster-booster

rooster-booster means: Playground torture: (1) pushing thumb between first and second fingers then "screwing" (2) rubbing someone's scalp vigorously with a clenched fist.

Meaning of BLACK PEARL

BLACK PEARL means: heroin

Meaning of grub

grub means: food; victuals

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