Slang definition of dork

dork means: The penis.

What is the slang definition/meaning of dork?

dork means: The penis.

Slang meaning of dork

dork means: The penis.

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Meaning of DORK

DORK means: Dork is slang for a stupid or incompetent person. Dork is American slang for the penis.

Meaning of dork

dork means: A stupid or foolish person. He is such a dork he spends his time downtown watching the parking meters.

Meaning of 'fool That You Are'

'fool That You Are' means: it is like saying "dork" or "goofball". also like saying you know that you are a dork in a playing around tone or way.

Meaning of wad (2)

wad (2) means: Entered verbatim: This word was very versatile. It could be used on its one to describe an idiot, fool or any other hated type of person. It was also commonly paired up with terms such as dick, dork, fuck and so on. To be a dick-wad, dork-wad or fuck wad was to be the lowest. Literally one was labeled a wad of dick (or whatever), in other words, a whole bunch of dick or extreme idiot. (ed: so now you know!)

Meaning of oober

oober means: Direct lifting from the German Uber. Used to mean very, really or big, i.e. "Ooober dork." meaning 'super dork', or "Oober freaky." meaning 'super freaky'.

Meaning of cha

cha means: Whatever; as if. Go out with that dork? Cha!

Meaning of dweeb

dweeb means: Dork

Meaning of dork

dork means: The penis.

Meaning of Dork

Dork means: Extremely cool.

Meaning of Narbo

Narbo means: dork, nerd, etc. used when someone does something stupid.

Meaning of chanky

chanky means: Disgusting, nasty, ugly. Go out with that dork? Cha!

Meaning of Dork Or Dorky

Dork Or Dorky means: a dull or slow-witted person

Meaning of dork

dork means: Noun. An idiot, a contemptible person. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of dork

dork means: A stupid or foolish person. So what's the latest dope on Jamie?

Meaning of dork

dork means: n 1. A stupid, inept, or foolish person 2. The penis. dorkiness n. dorky adj.

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Meaning of DIMBO

DIMBO means: Dimbo is slang for a stupid person.

Meaning of JUDY

JUDY means: Judy is Northern British slang for a girl or woman. Judy is British slang for a prostitute.

Meaning of SOUSE

SOUSE means: Souse is slang for a habitual drunkard.

Meaning of TGIF

TGIF means: That Feeling When.

Meaning of clodhoppers

clodhoppers means: Heavy, coarse work shoes. Malcolm! Get your muddy clodhoppers out of my kitchen!

Meaning of chips

chips means: n. money.  "Chris is stackin' mad chips now since he got that job at the warehouse."  Lyrical reference: MYSTIKAL LYRICS - Stack Yo Chips  "Mystikal Lyrics stack yo chips" (ughhhh) Stack you chips..." 

Meaning of clag nuts

clag nuts means: The bits of loose toilet paper and shit stuck to your bum after taking a dump.

Meaning of ming-ray, ming-rayed

ming-ray, ming-rayed means: An individual is "ming-rayed" when his/her school-bag/folder is left unnattended. Once this is noticed by another individual, this person will alert others to join him, before instigating the act of "ming-ray"; whereby the contents of the bag are emptied and spread as far as possible within the general vicinity before the victim notices/moves to prevent it. When the victim does notice, the word "ming-ray" is shouted by the attackers, with prolonged emphasis on the "ray". So, on discovering the attack, a victim will hear "ming-raaaaay!" shouted from afar. , "Ming-ray" was popular at John Mason School, Abingdon, OXON, England, where it may have originated. It is believed to have spread to other local schools, notably Larkmead.

Meaning of complected

complected means: facial appearance. “A fair complected lady”

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