Slang definition of nature's scythe

nature's scythe means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

What is the slang definition/meaning of nature's scythe?

nature's scythe means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

Slang meaning of nature's scythe

nature's scythe means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

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Meaning of nature's scythe

nature's scythe means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of Cradle-Scythe

Cradle-Scythe means: Called also simply cradle. A common scythe with a light frame-work, used for cutting grain instead of the sickle.

Meaning of petite nature

petite nature means: delicate; fragile; hothouse orchid. 1. Elle est une petite nature.


NATURE'S QUAALUDE means: Nature's quaalude is slang for Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate.

Meaning of CAP

CAP means: Combat Air Patrol. Usually defensive in nature.

Meaning of Bushtucker

Bushtucker means: food gathered from nature, in the outback.

Meaning of scanties

scanties means: Noun. Female underwear. From their often exiguous nature.

Meaning of boylove

boylove means: An attraction to the male, by other males. That is not sexual in nature.

Meaning of toad

toad means: A middle-age or elderly gay man, especially of an effeminate and gossipy nature.

Meaning of cutthroat

cutthroat means: Someone particularly violent in nature who would 'cut your throat' at a moments notice.

Meaning of Alute

Alute means: Kangblabla with nature and it's properties, and a person that is definitly not scooby

Meaning of all that

all that means: of a superior nature; wonderful or attractive.  "Jaquin think he's all that." "That song is all that and a bag a chips!" 

Meaning of Greaser

Greaser means: Refers to the oily nature of a black person's hair.

Meaning of knockers

knockers means: Noun. Breasts. Possibly named due to the nature of their movements during activity.

Meaning of Beef bandit

Beef bandit means: A supply rating. Also applies to a person who is thought to be of a lecherous nature.

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Meaning of pimp

pimp means: a whore master, a supervisor for prostitutes.

Meaning of Cram

Cram means: - Before a big exam you would be expected to cram. This simply means to study hard in the period running up to the exam.

Meaning of NOFI

NOFI means: No OFfence Intended

Meaning of knuckle sandwich

knuckle sandwich means: A punch in the mouth. Shut up or I'll give you a knuckle sandwich.

Meaning of shizzy

shizzy means: Something excellent, outstanding. Marlin thinks he is hella shizzy with his new wheels.

Meaning of shit

shit means: heroin

Meaning of noughts and crosses

noughts and crosses means: n tic-tac-toe.

Meaning of spoggy

spoggy means: Chewing gum.

Meaning of The kiss off

The kiss off means: The final goodbye as in exile or death

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