Slang definition of people like us

people like us means: Homosexuals.

What is the slang definition/meaning of people like us?

people like us means: Homosexuals.

Slang meaning of people like us

people like us means: Homosexuals.

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Meaning of cuatro gatos

cuatro gatos means: a handful of people; half a dozen people; a small group of people. (lit.: four cats)

Meaning of You People

You People means: Ross Perot, while at the 1992 NAACP convention in Nashville TN, frequently addressed his audience as "you people." Revitalized again in April, 2007 when Don Imus said "I can't get any place with you people" on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show.

Meaning of sad, saddo, sad case

sad, saddo, sad case means: Commonly used everywhere to describe people who don't fit in, don't have any style, or wear the right clothes to be part of any faction. These people are the nerds and geeks of the world. Sad people are not necessarily miserable, but are often picked on mercilessly, and so don't have a great time at school. (ed: looks like I had a sad time at school... hey that's right!!)

Meaning of honkie

honkie means: As far as I know, this is the black american derogatory retaliation for white, or caucasian people calling them niggers. The assumption being 'white' people look, and behave like pigs, therefore honk like pigs! However, the submission we received said it means 'dirty people who mainly are from the west virginian area/the country" It's possible the meaning has mutated so if anyone wants to send in their definition we'd appreciate the help!).

Meaning of threesome

threesome means: also three-way n 1. Any sex act involving three people. 2. A relationship in which three people, such as a married couple and a lover, live together and have sexual relations.

Meaning of Hutch

Hutch means: Used by some southern people to refer to black people. May reference the type of cage used to keep small animals.

Meaning of Troll

Troll means: When you purposefully make up bogus/rubbish information in order to get people to QQ for entertainment. Both hated and enjoyed by many people, but don't do it!.

Meaning of People

People means: Relatives, kinfolk. Example: "Shelly went to see her people on vacation."

Meaning of THE PEOPLE

THE PEOPLE means: The people is American slang for one's peer group.

Meaning of Scotch

Scotch means: a contraction of the word “Scottish,” this is now only used in the context of foodstuffs (and even then really just Scotch eggs), and whisky – Brits refer to anything else as being “Scottish.” So those from Scotland aren’t Scotch people; they are Scottish people. If they were Scotch people, they would be made primarily from whisky. Oh, wait…

Meaning of post-gay:

post-gay: means: Critique of politice and culture by gay people, for gay people. This term is not anti-gay, and doesn't reter to someone has switched sexuality, from homosexual to heterosexual.

Meaning of Mushroom people

Mushroom people means: People who come out at night to play

Meaning of Jackamammy

Jackamammy means: Combination of 'jack rabbit' and 'Aunt Jemima.' People have said that jack rabbits looked like 'lynched' black people.

Meaning of Beastly

Beastly means: - You would call something or somebody beastly if they were really nasty or unpleasant. Most people would consider you a snob or an upper class git if you used this word. People like Fergie can get away with it though.

Meaning of Nigga (American)

Nigga (American) means: Variation of "nigger" used by white people to degrade black people, now also used by blacks to speak of other blacks.

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Meaning of HAM AND EGGS

HAM AND EGGS means: Ham and eggs is London Cockney rhyming slang for legs.

Meaning of PEELER

PEELER means: Peeler is American slang for a striptease dancer. Peeler was old British slang for a policeman.

Meaning of in my book

in my book means: In my opinion. He an OK guy in my book.

Meaning of rug rat

rug rat means: Small child. Pam is married now, with two rug rats.

Meaning of dog-end

dog-end means: n stubbed-out end of a cigarette. More commonly Brits use the international term “butt.”

Meaning of black shoe

black shoe means: (ed: thanks to Sophie for these and a few others!) Black shoe Black shoe Change your black shoe. Everyone puts there feet in a circle and once you get picked as the singer gos round, you change your foot, once both feet have been picked, your not it, last one to swap is it.

Meaning of Groid

Groid means: Short for Negroid.

Meaning of groat

groat means: an old silver four-penny coin from around 1300 and in use in similar form until c.1662, although Brewer states in his late 1800s revised edition of his 1870 dictionary of slang that 'the modern groat was introduced in 1835, and withdrawn in 1887', which is somewhat confusing. Presumably there were different versions and issues of the groat coin, which seems to have been present in the coinage from the 14th to the 19th centuries. Very occasionally older people, students of English or History, etc., refer to loose change of a small amount of coin money as groats. Sadly the word is almost obsolete now, although the groat coin is kept alive in Maundy Money. The word derives from Middle English and Middle Dutch 'groot' meaning 'great' since this coin was a big one, compared to a penny. The similar German and Austrian coin was the 'Groschen', equivalent to 10 'Pfennigs'. The word can actually be traced back to Roman times, when a 'Denarius Grossus' was a 'thick penny' (equivalent).

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