Slang definition of pink

pink means: A homosexual.

What is the slang definition/meaning of pink?

pink means: A homosexual.

Slang meaning of pink

pink means: A homosexual.

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Meaning of PINK

PINK means: Pink is slang for homosexual.Pink is slang for a supporter of left−wing political ideas.

Meaning of Pink

Pink means: Denotes the finest part, the essence. She is the pink of perfection.

Meaning of PINK LINT

PINK LINT means: Pink lint is rare London Cockney rhyming slang for penniless (skint).

Meaning of play the pink oboe

play the pink oboe means: Vrb phrs. To perform fellatio. The 'pink oboe' refers to the penis.

Meaning of smoke a pink cigar

smoke a pink cigar means: Vrb phrs. To fellate. See 'pink cigar'.

Meaning of pink cigar

pink cigar means: Noun. The penis. Also in 'smoke a pink cigar'.

Meaning of pink oboe

pink oboe means: Noun. The penis. Also in 'play the pink oboe'.


TICKLED PINK means: Tickled pink is slang for very pleased.


PINK PANTHER COUNTRY means: Pink panther country is British slang for Durham.

Meaning of pink beard

pink beard means: As per 'chin on'. The implication being a beard of skin (a bald chin). Often used thus: "Mmm, and I've got a pink beard",

Meaning of Pink-Heel

Pink-Heel means: Color of heel is pink.

Meaning of camp as a row of pink tents

camp as a row of pink tents means: Phrs. Very 'camp' (see above), or gay. E.g. "He was a camp as a row of pink tents and wouldn't have been out of place in a Mr Gay UK competition." Cf. 'camp as a row of tents'.

Meaning of pink triangle

pink triangle means: Nazi Concentration Camp homosexual prisoners were always marked, with symbols, in the first years of the Concentration Camp varying symbols was used. In time a pink cloth triangle sewn to the clothing was introduced. The total number of officially-defined homosexual prisoners in the camps was estimated at about 10,000. It is estimated that form 500,000 to 1,000,000 Nazi Concentration Camp homosexual prisoners died in the camps.

Meaning of pink panther

pink panther means: LSD

Meaning of pink

pink means: A homosexual.

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Meaning of CHEWERS

CHEWERS means: Chewers is Black−American slang for teeth

Meaning of NERDY

NERDY means: Nerdy is slang for socially unacceptable behaviour.


PACIFIC SLOPE means: Pacific slope is New Zealand slang for the countries of the Pacific rim.

Meaning of bunnidge

bunnidge means: Used in a phrase taunted at people when they were supposed to be ashamed about something, e.g. "Feeeeel the bunnidge!!!". (ed: this may have been confined to the area around Bristol, UK so if you know different, please let us know. Spelling also unclear - could be bunnage or bunnige, etc.- anyone who knows please let us know?)

Meaning of beauts

beauts means: The rectal opening; the anus.

Meaning of toss the salad

toss the salad means: To lick or suck the anus.


AFRICAN BUSH means: marijuana

Meaning of CANAMO

CANAMO means: marijuana

Meaning of can (3)

can (3) means: toilet

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