Slang definition of puppy-love affair

puppy-love affair means: One of an adolescent boys first time loves.

What is the slang definition/meaning of puppy-love affair?

puppy-love affair means: One of an adolescent boys first time loves.

Slang meaning of puppy-love affair

puppy-love affair means: One of an adolescent boys first time loves.

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Meaning of puppy-love affair

puppy-love affair means: One of an adolescent boys first time loves.

Meaning of love affair

love affair means: Cocaine

Meaning of LOVE AFFAIR

LOVE AFFAIR means: cocaine

Meaning of puppy love

puppy love means: Infatuation of an very young persons.

Meaning of cup cakin'

cup cakin' means: v. To flirt with or to display 'puppy love'.  "Now since Gerrid is in the 5th grade he always cup cakin' with Trina." 

Meaning of AFFAIR

AFFAIR means: Affair is political slang for a reception held for the purposes of fundraising and/or honouring the achievements of an individual.

Meaning of particular friendships

particular friendships means: The emotional attachments of adolescents, in closed institutions such as monasteries, convents, boarding schools. the term is sometimes extended to the affectionate pairings of adults. This adolescent love affair can be homosexual or asexual.

Meaning of bit on the side

bit on the side means: Noun. 1. A sexual relationship extra to one's usual partner, an affair. 2. The other person in a sexual affair.

Meaning of Puppy

Puppy means:  Penis


CRAVEN CHOKE PUPPY means: someone who wants everything but when they get it , they can't manage it.

Meaning of PUPPY PILES

PUPPY PILES means: people making sensual contact

Meaning of lío

lío means: affair; fling. (used in Spain)

Meaning of aventura

aventura means: affair; fling

Meaning of no es cosa mía

no es cosa mía means: it’s not my business; it’s not my affair

Meaning of Puppy Tail

Puppy Tail means:  A dance move, inspired by a type of skirt of the same name.

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Meaning of BLISSED−OUT

BLISSED−OUT means: Blissed−out is slang for ecstatic, euphoric.


HAROLD MACMILLAN means: Harold Macmillan is London Cockney rhyming slang for a villian.

Meaning of NO SOAP

NO SOAP means: No soap is American and Canadian slang for not possible or successful.

Meaning of SCATTY

SCATTY means: Scatty is American slang for bad tempered.

Meaning of shit on (someone)

shit on (someone) means: Verb. To betray, to land someone in trouble. E.g."I know it was you who shitted on him, so don't pretend you're his best friend"

Meaning of Yums

Yums means: n. a very popular sneaker (tennis-shoe) designed by graffiti artist and promoted by rap artist Soulja Boy.  "I got J’s, got YUM’S, got Nikes; I’m zooted!"  Lyrical reference: SOULJA BOY - Zooted  New kicks fresh cut clean white teeI'm zootedGot Js got YUMS got nikesI'm zootedSupa swag no you can't get like me souljaboy tell em my chain so icey 

Meaning of Shnikies

Shnikies means: a substitute for "shit"..."Oh shnikies!"

Meaning of To Rights

To Rights means: In the proper way.


ACAPULCO RED means: marijuana


MEXICAN REDS means: depressant

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