Slang definition of FAT GUTS

FAT GUTS means: Fat guts is London Cockney rhyming slang for nuts, particularly peanuts.

What is the slang definition/meaning of FAT GUTS?

FAT GUTS means: Fat guts is London Cockney rhyming slang for nuts, particularly peanuts.

Slang meaning of FAT GUTS

FAT GUTS means: Fat guts is London Cockney rhyming slang for nuts, particularly peanuts.

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Meaning of chuck one's guts up

chuck one's guts up means: Vrb phrs. To vomit. E.g."He's had his head down the toilet all night chucking his guts up."

Meaning of guts

guts means: Courage. It takes a lot of guts to give the boss your true opinion.

Meaning of FAT GUTS

FAT GUTS means: Fat guts is London Cockney rhyming slang for nuts, particularly peanuts.

Meaning of drop your guts

drop your guts means: To fart, blow off, cut the cheese. For example, "Phoar!!Mary dropped her guts in the meeting room."

Meaning of spill one's guts

spill one's guts means: Vrb phrs. 1. To confess or reveal the truth. 2. To vomit. Probably a misuse of version 1 due to its similarity with 'spew one's guts up'.

Meaning of spew one's guts out

spew one's guts out means: To tell everything one knows. When the cops picked him up, he spewed his guts out.

Meaning of guts, spill one’s

guts, spill one’s means: confess to something ‘I spilled my guts about if.’

Meaning of COME ONE'S GUTS

COME ONE'S GUTS means: Come one's guts is British slang for to confess.

Meaning of DOUBLE GUTS

DOUBLE GUTS means: Double guts is slang for a very fat person. Double guts is American slang for a large belly.

Meaning of guts (dropped your ...)

guts (dropped your ...) means: To break wind in a silent manner but with terrific aroma. The 'dropper' is usually proud of his work "Watch out, I've dropped me guts".

Meaning of have one's guts for garters

have one's guts for garters means: Vrb phrs. A reprimanding threat, usually to a youngster or child. E.g."If you don't tidy your room now I'll have your guts for garters."

Meaning of ROUGH AS GUTS

ROUGH AS GUTS means: Rough as guts is Australian and New Zealand slang for coarse, uncouth.

Meaning of Misery guts

Misery guts means: unhappy person: ‘Put a smile on your dial, misery guts!’


SLOG ONE'S GUTS OUT means: Slog one's guts out is British slang for work very hard.


SPILL ONE'S GUTS means: Spill one's guts is slang for divulge as much as one can; confess completely.

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Meaning of INKY SMUDGE

INKY SMUDGE means: Inky smudge is London Cockney rhyming slang for a judge.

Meaning of PACKET

PACKET means: Packet is slang for the male genitals. Packet is slang for a large sum of money. Packet is military slang for a bullet or missile. Packet is military slang for trouble.Packet was old slang for a false report.

Meaning of SQUITTERS

SQUITTERS means: Squitters is Dorset slang for diarrhoea.

Meaning of chib *

chib * means: Noun. A knife or blade. From the Romany chiv, or chive, meaning knifeVerb. 1. To slash, stab or cut off. 2. To smash someone on the face with a bottle and slash with the broken shards. * Also chiv.

Meaning of no shit, Sherlock!

no shit, Sherlock! means: Exclam. Exclamation of surprise, usually ironic or sarcastic. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of Batty Boy

Batty Boy means: a male homosexual

Meaning of blow pies

blow pies means: To vomit. "I drank so much I'm going to blow pies".

Meaning of size queen

size queen means: A gay male with a sexual preference for partners with large penis."size queen", referring to the size of his lover's penis [David was a size Queen, the bigger, the better he say. David says he wants a man with a dick that looks like a baby's arm with an apple at the end of it. A size queen is a male homosexual who has a fetish for unusually large penises.

Meaning of ANADROL

ANADROL means: oral steroids

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