Slang definition of All arms and legs

All arms and legs means: Weak

What is the slang definition/meaning of All arms and legs?

All arms and legs means: Weak

Slang meaning of All arms and legs

All arms and legs means: Weak

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ALL ARMS AND LEGS means: All arms and legs is slang for weak beer.

Meaning of treeing

treeing means: At the contributors secondary school they had a grass banking used for sunbathing on hot summer days. Sunbathing was, however, fairly risky as it was likely that a group of two of more boys would grab your legs (usually without warning) and drag you down the banking into one of the many tree's impacting with legs on either side the tree! There were only two defences agaist this: (1) Rolling onto you stomach so you legs were twisted. This protected your testicles but caused nasty injuries to the inner legs due to the speed of impact (normally a full run) (2) Putting you hands in the way before impact. This sometimes failed due to the force of the impact or was not an option if the group of boys grabbed your arms as well as you legs., I'm afraid to say that I have been both the recipient and the giver of 'a good treeing'.

Meaning of All arms and legs

All arms and legs means: Weak

Meaning of All arms and legs

All arms and legs means: Weak

Meaning of ça m’a cassé bras et jambes

ça m’a cassé bras et jambes means: that was the last straw (for me) (lit.: that broke my legs and arms)

Meaning of piggy-back, pick-a-back

piggy-back, pick-a-back means: To carry someone on your back. They wrap their legs around your waist and arms round your neck.


BEACHED WHALE means: Beached whale is nursing slang for an obese patient who is unable to do much for him or herself but lie there with flailing arms and legs.

Meaning of otter

otter means: A thin bear is a otter. Some bears are particularly hairy about the rest of their bodies, others INCREDIBLY furry, yet others though rightfully bears, have little or no fur on their chests, arms, legs, back, butt, etc.

Meaning of have arms

have arms means: Vrb phrs. To fight. E.g."John's still outside, having arms with that scary looking doorman who refused him entry." [London use]

Meaning of arms

arms means: To fight. Used as challenge "do you want arms?' meaning do you want a violent confrontation.

Meaning of postie, hoisty

postie, hoisty means: A lad's legs would be held (one person on each, another couple holding his arms) and he would be pulled so that each leg was either side of a goal post, and pressure was exerted on the aforementioned nether regions until the person screamed, and finally the "hoisty" which was the same as the posty, but a crossbar is used instead of a goal post.

Meaning of nutmeg

nutmeg means: The act of a passing footballer playing the ball through the open legs of a rival, making him look immensly stupid. George Best was particularly good at this move. Apparantly, this is another example of 'rhyming slang' i.e. "nutmegs" is used for "legs" since the ball is played between the opposing player's legs. The person who sent that in said his granddad heard this first in a Spurs training session back in the 1960s.

Meaning of have arms

have arms means: To have a party. We got arms tonight!

Meaning of LUCKY LEGS

LUCKY LEGS means: Lucky legs is British slang for thin legs.

Meaning of SIDE−ARMS

SIDE−ARMS means: Side−arms is American slang for salt and pepper.

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Meaning of KICKSY

KICKSY means: Kicksy is American slang for exciting, stimulating, spirited.

Meaning of clegnuts

clegnuts means: Noun. Faecal remnants that are stuck to the anal hairs, or fur on animals. Also cleg nuts.

Meaning of Puck Bunny

Puck Bunny means: A hockey groupie on the road to being a cougar.

Meaning of burberry

burberry means: n. A popular brand of clothing, often bootlegged in the streets.  "Salina look so cute with her new Burberry purse, shoes and hat that match. I’m going to the swap meet to get me some of dat tomorrow."  Lyrical reference: JAY Z - La la la Album: Bad Boys II - The Soundtrack (2005)  I show you how to do this sonyoung don’t mess with chicks in Burberry patterns fake Manolo boots straight from Steve Madden 

Meaning of nits

nits means: (1) head lice. ( 2) Psychological torture suggesting someone is "unclean", e.g. where someone yells "Nits", and indicates a victim (actually with or without head lice, occasionally no obvious victim is chosen.). Everyone else then makes a point of avoiding that person.

Meaning of I'm cool,

I'm cool, means:   (im kool)  Phrase meaning “don't count me in.”  “She said she wanted to give him my number, and I said, I’m cool.”  [Etym., Hip hop]

Meaning of hater

hater means: someone that is jealous, dislikes something, or does not approve of something

Meaning of peeze

peeze means: to leak in small bubbles

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