Slang definition of Foreign entanglements

Foreign entanglements means: Spaghetti

What is the slang definition/meaning of Foreign entanglements?

Foreign entanglements means: Spaghetti

Slang meaning of Foreign entanglements

Foreign entanglements means: Spaghetti

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Meaning of Foreign entanglements

Foreign entanglements means: Spaghetti

Meaning of Foreign entanglements

Foreign entanglements means: Spaghetti

Meaning of FOREIGN

FOREIGN means: Foreign is British slang for outside of one's jurisdiction.


FOREIGN LANGUAGE means: Foreign language is London Cockney rhyming slang for sandwich.

Meaning of VFW

VFW means: Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Meaning of FOREIGN CAR

FOREIGN CAR means: Car running over any railroad other than one that owns it

Meaning of FOD

FOD means: Foreign Object Debris. Used when referring to aircraft on deck.

Meaning of Run Ashore

Run Ashore means: An off-ship visit in a foreign port which usually involves liquor.

Meaning of OOD

OOD means: Officer Of the Day. Responsible for the ship when secured alongside either at home or in a foreign port.

Meaning of Skirmish

Skirmish means: To search about for gash. To pick up litter or foreign objects such as in a "FOD Walkdown".

Meaning of Commisions

Commisions means: Governments would issue these licenses to privateers. They authorized raids on foreign shipping.

Meaning of Run

Run means: 1. In a foreign port, to head out on the town and have as much fun as is possible. ie. " a run ashore" 2. To press disciplinary charges against a sailor ie. "To run him".

Meaning of Flag of Convenience

Flag of Convenience means: Registry of the vessel is foreign to that of the country in which the company that owns the ship is located.

Meaning of jab

jab means: Noun. A hypodermic injection, a vaccination. E.g."You don't need hepatitis jabs to visit Cornwall, it's not a foreign country."

Meaning of FOD Walkdown

FOD Walkdown means: A flight-deck exercise where the crew scans for any foreign object, large or small.

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Meaning of DICKY BIRD

DICKY BIRD means: Dicky bird is London Cockney rhyming slang for word.

Meaning of SKY

SKY means: Sky is slang for raise a price by bidding high. Sky is slang for position high up.Sky is slang for to throw or toss something into the air.Sky is Black−American slang for refers to the blue uniform of a law−enforcement agent.

Meaning of dhoby

dhoby means: Verb. To wash, clean. Originally to do laundry, from the Hindu dhob meaning washing. Also dhobi, dobi, doby. [Services slang, mainly Navy use]

Meaning of spaff

spaff means: Noun. Semen.Verb. To ejaculate, sexually. E.g."I just had to think about her naked and playing with herself and I spaffed."

Meaning of Filthy Lucre

Filthy Lucre means: Police

Meaning of break

break means: To leave. I have To leave. now; it's time to break (out of here).

Meaning of dead

dead means: Quiet. He is such a soppy date, he should do well in politics.

Meaning of preppy

preppy means: Someone who dresses like a conformist at a private (prep) school. He pounded too many beers last night.

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