Slang definition of Hot spot

Hot spot means: Tea or coffee

What is the slang definition/meaning of Hot spot?

Hot spot means: Tea or coffee

Slang meaning of Hot spot

Hot spot means: Tea or coffee

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Meaning of SPOT

SPOT means: Spot is slang for mark or note as a criminal or suspect.Spot is American slang for to lend money to someone, to pay for someone.

Meaning of SPOT

SPOT means: To place a car in a designated position. Also sleep, rest, or lunch period on company time. On the spot means an opportunity for railroad men to "chew the rag" or swap experiences. Unlike the same underworld term, on the spot has no sinister implication in railroad slang

Meaning of X Marks the spot

X Marks the spot means: The stuff of legends. Supposedly, pirate maps would have the spot of the treasure makred with an "X".

Meaning of shake the spot

shake the spot means: To take the center of attention. Casey really shook the spot at Tiffany's birthday party last night.

Meaning of bar de alterne

bar de alterne means: singles bar; pick-up spot; hookup spot

Meaning of bar de ligue

bar de ligue means: singles bar; pick-up spot; hookup spot

Meaning of spot

spot means: To loan. Could you spot me $10 until payday?

Meaning of Spot on

Spot on means: Just right, accurate, correct. e.g. "Do I like it? Yes, it's spot on!"

Meaning of Black Spot

Black Spot means: To "place the Black Spot" on another pirate is to sentence him to death, to warn him he is marked for death, or sometimes just to accuse him of a serious crime before other pirates.

Meaning of SPIT−SPOT

SPIT−SPOT means: Spit−spot is slang for fine, excellent.

Meaning of Lee Shore

Lee Shore means: Nothing could be more confusing. Depending on the context a lee shore can be good or bad. 1. To say some one is "on a lee shore" usually means they are in a tough spot, or have run out of options. 2. On the other hand, the lee shore can also mean the shore protected from the wind which normally is not a tough spot!. The term has been around since at least 1578 and both meaning have existed since then.

Meaning of spot on

spot on means: exactly right

Meaning of ON THE SPOT

ON THE SPOT means: See spot

Meaning of Hot spot

Hot spot means: Tea or coffee

Meaning of Hot spot

Hot spot means: Tea or coffee

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Meaning of BIG−NOTE

BIG−NOTE means: Big−note is Australian slang for to boast or praise.


CORPORAL KLINGER means: Corporal Klinger is London Cockney rhyming slang for an unregistered player (ringer).

Meaning of NINE−BOB NOTE

NINE−BOB NOTE means: Nine−bob note is British slang for a homosexual. Nine−bob note is British slang for a sexual deviant.Nine−bob note is British slang for something fake, counterfeit or crooked.

Meaning of SCAREDY−CAT

SCAREDY−CAT means: Scaredy−cat is slang for someone who is, or appears to be frightened.

Meaning of HADVD

HADVD means: Have Advised

Meaning of pony-tail

pony-tail means: Long hair tied in back with a rubber band. The professor thought he was cool, wearing a pony tail.

Meaning of stud

stud means: Excellent, outstanding. It was a stud performance.

Meaning of JAMMY

JAMMY means: 1- term for ones penus. 2- also a term for a gun.

Meaning of Pimple

Pimple means: The cowboy's name for the very small saddles used by Easterners.

Meaning of Rock

Rock means: A diamond

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