Slang definition of Submarine

Submarine means: Doughnut

What is the slang definition/meaning of Submarine?

Submarine means: Doughnut

Slang meaning of Submarine

Submarine means: Doughnut

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Meaning of SUBMARINE

SUBMARINE means: Submarine is American slang for sabotage.

Meaning of Conning Tower

Conning Tower means: 1. The armoured control tower of an iron or steel warship built between the mid-19th and mid-20th century from which the ship was navigated in battle. 2. A tower-like structure on the dorsal (topside) surface of a submarine, serving in submarines built before the mid-20th century as a connecting structure between the bridge and pressure hull and housing instruments and controls from which the periscopes were used to direct the submarine and launch torpedo attacks. Since the mid-20th century, it has been replaced by the sail (United States usage) or fin (European and British Commonwealth usage), a structure similar in appearance which no longer plays a function in directing the submarine.

Meaning of Submarine

Submarine means: Doughnut

Meaning of Submarine

Submarine means: Doughnut

Meaning of yellow submarine

yellow submarine means: Marijuana

Meaning of Sewer Pipe

Sewer Pipe means: Submarine.


YELLOW SUBMARINE means: marijuana

Meaning of ASW

ASW means: Anti-submarine warfare.

Meaning of Zero Bubble

Zero Bubble means: Used to mean that a submarine's bow is level.

Meaning of Boomer

Boomer means: Ballistic missile submarine.

Meaning of Datum

Datum means: The last known position of a suspected enemy submarine.

Meaning of Panther

Panther means: NATO codeword for a hostile nuclear submarine.

Meaning of Bow Array

Bow Array means: Referring to a submarine's sonar suite located in the bow.

Meaning of Jezebel

Jezebel means: Anti-submarine passive sonobuoy system.

Meaning of spuckie

spuckie means: A submarine sandwich; "Run up to Rip's Sub Shop and pick up a couple of spuckies."

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Meaning of RICE−BURNER

RICE−BURNER means: Rice−burner is American slang for a Japanese motorcycle.

Meaning of glory hole

glory hole means: Noun. 1. A small room or cubbyhole, in which items are stored, often in an untidy fashion. {Informal} 2. A small hole in the dividing wall between two toilet cubicles; used for voyeurism and sexual encounters, mainly by homosexual males.

Meaning of jobby jabber

jobby jabber means: Noun. Homosexual male. See 'jobby'. Derog. [Mainly Scottish use]

Meaning of 459

459 means: I love you

Meaning of HUGZ

HUGZ means: Hugs

Meaning of nairn

nairn means: An 'intensifier' that rhymes with 'bairn' and 'cairn'. Use as "Nairn size!", i.e. "That's huge!". Mark wrote in and suggested a possible origin of 'nairn. He remembered that he also used to say 'nairn' or 'nen' to mean “none”, as in "Giz' a sweet man Baz?", who might reply "Aa've got nairn left man!", i.e. "I've got none left!". This might have then been used as an intensifier when it became cool in the late '80's to use negatives and opposites as intensifiers, e.g. 'little ex' ('excellent').

Meaning of checking out

checking out means: To look at something; to look closely at for evaluation. To pay attention to; [he's checking out my meat], [His story about Robbie's dick checks out.].

Meaning of Stem-winder

Stem-winder means: Applied to anything quite perfect, finished, with the latest improvements.

Meaning of hotdog

hotdog means: To show off. Selma seemed hot to trot last night.

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