Slang definition of ATTIC

ATTIC means: Attic is slang for the human head.

What is the slang definition/meaning of ATTIC?

ATTIC means: Attic is slang for the human head.

Slang meaning of ATTIC

ATTIC means: Attic is slang for the human head.

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Meaning of ATTIC

ATTIC means: Attic is slang for the human head.


PICTURE IN THE ATTIC means: Picture in the attic is British slang for a young person who tries to act much older than they are.

Meaning of cubby-hole

cubby-hole means: a small storage space in the basement or attic

Meaning of crewcut

crewcut means: A haircut so short that the hair stands straight up. It is so creepy in our attic, I'm afraid to go up there.

Meaning of loft

loft means: n attic. The small space in the rafters of your house where you keep letters from your ex-lovers and all of your school books, just in case they might ever come in handy again. The word “attic” is also used in the U.K.

Meaning of creepy

creepy means: Scary, repulsive. It is so creepy in our attic, I'm afraid to go up there.

Meaning of grot

grot means: Noun. 1. Dirt, rubbish. E.g."Shall we clear out all the grot in the attic and convert it into a spare bedroom." 2. A contemptible person. 3. Sweets, confectionary. [Runcorn use]

Meaning of hump

hump means: Verb. 1. To copulate. The word implies a certain insensitive awkwardness, see verb 2. 2. To shift something awkwardly. E.g."We need to hump that big wardrobe up to the attic before the new lodger arrives." Noun. 1. Sexual intercourse. 2. A bad mood. Always preceded by the. E.g."She's got the hump after being told she looks fat."

Meaning of chock-a-block

chock-a-block means: adj closely packed together. You might use this to describe your dating schedule or your attic, unless you are unforgivably ugly and you live in a flat, in which case you’d have to think up something else to use it on. The examples here are provided as-is, you know; they don’t necessarily work for everyone. It’s possible that the word has a quite unfortunate origin — it may have originally referred to the area where black slaves were once lined up on blocks to be sold. It’s also possible that it stems from maritime usage, referring to when a block and tackle were jammed against each other to stop the load moving.

Meaning of car boot sale

car boot sale means: n merry event where people get together in a field and sell the rubbish from their attic, under the secret suspicion that some part of it might turn out to be splendidly valuable. Not entirely dissimilar to a jumble sale. The term stems no doubt from the fact that this is normally carried out using the boot of your car as a headquarters. This sort of nonsense is now largely replaced by eBay, where you can sell the 1950s engraved brass Hitler moustache replica your father was awarded for twenty years’ service in the post office without actually having to meet the freak who bought it.

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Meaning of HEN NIGHT

HEN NIGHT means: Hen night is slang for a female social gathering, especially a pre−wedding celebration.

Meaning of mahusive

mahusive means: Adj. Immense, sizable, great. Probably from massive.

Meaning of duthc oven

duthc oven means: farting under the bed covers

Meaning of IBRB

IBRB means: I'll Be Right Back

Meaning of clutch

clutch means: v. to be able to perform under extreme pressure.  "Did you see LaBron hit that winning shot in the last second? Fool that was so clutch!" 

Meaning of Shotgun

Shotgun means: Laying claim to the front seat

Meaning of Lush

Lush means: good-looking

Meaning of Min

Min means:     Steal

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