Slang definition of Pipe Your Eye

Pipe Your Eye means: Cry

What is the slang definition/meaning of Pipe Your Eye?

Pipe Your Eye means: Cry

Slang meaning of Pipe Your Eye

Pipe Your Eye means: Cry

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Meaning of PIPE

PIPE means: Pipe is British slang for to look at, to watch. Pipe is British slang for a tunnel.Pipe is British slang for the penis.Pipe is British slang for to cry, to weep.Pipe is British slang for to talk.Pipe is drug slang for a vein.Pipe is American slang for something easy to do, especially a simple course in college.

Meaning of Come through the hawse-pipe

Come through the hawse-pipe means: The hawse-pipe is a pipe in the ship's bow for the anchor cable to run through. Anybody who has risen to Captain from lowly deckhand is said to have "come up through the hawse-pipe."

Meaning of pipe

pipe means: Crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances

Meaning of THE PIPE

THE PIPE means: The pipe was British slang for the London underground railway system.

Meaning of Pipe Down

Pipe Down means: An order meaning keep silence; a pipe down at sea means a free afternoon to catch up on lost sleep.

Meaning of pimp your pipe

pimp your pipe means: Lending or renting crack pipe or stem

Meaning of Piping Hot

Piping Hot means: As meals are traditionally announced aboard ship by making a pipe, this term was used to reflect that if the pipe has been made, the meal is likely still hot.


PIMP YOUR PIPE means: lending or renting your crack pipe

Meaning of casser sa pipe

casser sa pipe means: kick the bucket (lit.: to break the pipe)

Meaning of pipe

pipe means: n. A penis. v. piped, piping, pipes To take a look at; notice.Phrasal Verbspipe down To stop talking; be quiet.lay (one's) pipe An act of sexual intercourse.

Meaning of pipe blocker

pipe blocker means: Description for exceptionally long turd or large number of turds delivered in one sitting, therefore likely to block up the flush pipe (of the toilet).

Meaning of Pipe

Pipe means: General information or a command issued over the ship's broadcast system. The term sometimes used for a boatswain's call, which is the pipe that is ften used to issue commands.

Meaning of Pipe Down

Pipe Down means: A call on the bo'sun's pipe at night for the hands to turn in, for silence in the messdecks, and for lights to be extinguished. Also a term used by a sailor to another to make them stop talking.

Meaning of pipe down

pipe down means: Be quiet. Pipe down! I want to hear what the president is saying.

Meaning of Still

Still means: A pipe made from a Boatswain's call consisting of a high note for eight seconds. It means that the ship's copanay are required to come to attention and stand still. Cancelled by the "Carry On" pipe.

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Meaning of JOE GURR

JOE GURR means: Joe Gurr is London Cockney rhyming slang for prison (stir).

Meaning of PING

PING means: Ping is British slang for to urinate.

Meaning of sticks

sticks means: Way out in the country. Delbert lives somewhere way out in the sticks.

Meaning of pocket rocket

pocket rocket means: An erection.

Meaning of slop

slop means: The rectal opening, anus; asshole. slop-poop: the rectal opening, anus; asshole.

Meaning of stroke house

stroke house means: A pornographic movie theater, or a store that sells pornographic matrial.

Meaning of Brawl

Brawl means: To engage in a heavy fight, often to the death.


PLAYA/ PLAYA HATER means: 1- To be discovered that your pretending your something your not, or to get caught in a lie. 2- when someone takes you for a fool. You usually get played by a so called friend or boyfriend/ girlfriend cheating on you.

Meaning of GOLDEN GIRL

GOLDEN GIRL means: heroin

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